September 28, 2009

I just think that’s a funny name for a post.  I will tell why I put that though.

If you don’t know this about me, I am an Elementary Education major at ASU.  So I intern in classrooms and have a lot of interaction with children.  I also work a couple sundays a month in the kids church at my church.

Sometimes (almost always) I will be teaching a topic  and a student and will raise his or her hand and tell some random crazy story. It can be quite awkward and time consuming. Here’s an example:

Me: Then David cut off a piece of King Saul’s robe to show that he could have killed him but chose not to.

(little Timmy raises hand)

Me: Yes Timmy?

Little Timmy: Uhh this one time, my mom, was mad at me for yelling at my sister, uh uh uh and she told me to go outside, so I did, and my mom locked the door. And I couldn’t get back in.  I knocked and knocked and she just wouldn’t let me come back in.  So I started crying.  And I ripped my shirt on a swing.

Me: uhhh okay. (Looks at other leaders with holy crap look on both of our faces.) Well anyways David did this to…

Sometimes that is exactly how some adults are.  I will be sitting in class, and a teacher will bring up a topic and people will raise their hands and tell a story of their life about how their little brother is dyslexic or something like that.  It’s really funny to me. I have this one college class where it seems like everybody does that at least once per class.

I just really think that no matter how old people are they just want to be heard.  It’s really important to people.  So important that people will take a subject in class and talk about how it relates to their life even if it’s in a very obscure way.

So that’s why Adults=Children. It seems no matter how old we get, the only things that change are knowledge, skepticism, and the amount of sin in our life.

Everybody wants to be heard.  Everyone wants someone to validate them.  I’ve heard that the most powerful words in the human language are Me too. I can’t help but think these words are powerful, when I talk to people.

This week let’s be someone that people can broadcast to.  Let’s be a hearer. Or I guess a listener.

There are a lot of people that want to be heard. Hear them.



September 22, 2009

Most of my classes are two hours and fifty minutes long.  The classes could be done in about an hour in my opinion.  Sometimes I just sit in class and I imagine black bars around me, because I’m trapped.  I can only have one or two absences per class.  So I am stuck, and trapped in these classes when I would rather be out doing other things.

The are two main reasons I feel this way.  One is that in general I have never really liked school very much.  The second is I am not passionate about the classes I am taking, or even the degree I am getting (elementary ed in case you were wondering).  Honestly I will get this degree, in the mean time though I am just not very excited about it.  One day I might even be excited to become a teacher.  But right now that’s not what I am passionate about.  And at this point that’s not what I want to be when I grow up.

This happens though doesn’t it?  A lot times, a lot of us, get a degree in something we like, or a job somewhere for practical reasons, not for passionate reasons.  I feel like sometimes that’s just how life goes.  Look at David from the Bible.  Actually from Israel.  He was shepherd because it fell to him as the youngest.  I don’t think he was passionate about being a shepherd.  It seemed he was more passionate, about killing lions and bears with his bare hands.

Or passionate about taking on giants.

Or passionate about playing a harp to soothe a king.

Or passionate about killing  dudes with foreskins(see 1 Samuel 18:27).

Or passionate about worshiping God.

But David wasn’t really passionate about doing any of those things specifically.  He was passionate about serving the living God.  It was more then that though.  It seemed actually that he was passionate about the living God that he (David) had a relationship with it.  Eventually David’s passion was so huge that God made him King.  God wanted people to see what having a passionate relationship with God was like, I think.  When I read through the Samuel’s I can’t help but think how passionate David is to serve and love God.  Nearly everything he does is motivated by his relationship with Yaweh.  The things David does are nuts.  Reading about David’s life makes me want to go out and fight a bear, or dodge some spears.  Seeing his life makes me pumped about life.

I’m not passionate about school.  I’m passionate about serving God. I am passionate about learning more about him.  I am passionate about starting movements toward and for Him.  I am passionate about the Cross.  If I had it my way I’d be on staff at a church, or some ministry that I was passionate about.  Ultimately that is what I want to be doing in my life.

Just because things aren’t my going the way of my dreams, doesn’t mean that I can’t be doing those things now, or being passionate about those things now.  I am going to move towards those dreams.  Maybe it was part of David’s dream to be king.  First and foremost he served God.  By doing this he got to live out his dream.  David took every chance he could to serve God, and when it was all said and done, he was known as the man after God’s own heart.

Do what you’re passionate about.  My mom always says that.  Because if you don’t, you might be stuck in class with imaginary bars around your head.  And if its not practical to do what you’re passionate about, do it still, even if you have to do some practical things while you’re living out you’re passions.

What are you guys passionate about? If you could be doing anything, and money wasn’t a factor, what would it be? Would it be fishing? Playing basketball? Knitting? Fighting fires? I know for me personally I think it would be to be a youth pastor, a pastor, or a guest speaker (especially for camps), or a few other things. But what is it for you?  What would you be doing?  I wanna know.  Please comment and tell me.  What are you doing to live out those passions now? I really want to know. Tell me.

P.S.- I know there are some passions we as humans have that are not good or holy.  So when I say do what your passionate about, and its something that is wrong and sinful, then don’t do it.

Desperate Much?

September 15, 2009

Last week I noticed I had a missed call from a number I didn’t recognize.  First I hear the hello of a young female voice, then I say ” Hi, I got a missed call from this number”. Which got a reply like “oh yeah sorry about that, I just dialed the wrong number”. She says sorry, I say bye.  Pretty uneventful.


I get a text a few minutes later.  The text says something like this;

Hey you sound 25-ish, you single?

I replied haha no. Which got her to say lol, and okay bye.

But what the heck?  She was almost asking me out just based on my voice and possible age.  I almost wanted to ask her her name, so I could facebook stalk her and see what kind of chick this was.  I realized that would be a tough explanation to my girlfriend so I didn’t.

That’s not the big issue though here.  The issue is the place where this girl’s heart was at.  She was willing to ask me out without ever meeting me.  I think most people would think, “wow what a hooch” (that term is still used right?), or that girl is desperate!

I thought the exact same thing.  However, now after thinking about it more.  I feel bad for her.  What’s her life like?  What’s happened throughout her life to cause her to be willing to go out with a 25-ish voice? I think that it shows that during her life, that no one has shown her the high value that she’s worth.  God thinks she’s worth more then that.

I really don’t think this desperate sounding text was just her fault.  I feel like its only what naturally happens in a society where people aren’t valued if they’re not attractive, or young, or funny, or whatever.

Let’s take make up for instance.  Women put it on to make themselves look better.  And sadly that is just what it does some times.  It covers up all the blemishes or zits or whatever. I think God sees people putting on make up and is saddened.  I think He sees the good creation that He’s made and wishes that we could see ourselves, and each other as He sees us.  So that then we might see the value in each other.

This girl wasn’t desperate in my opinion.  She felt no value. Or very little.  What are we going to do as Christian men and women,to make all people realize they have value?

We have to do something different then what our society does.  We have to tell anyone and everyone that they have value.  Not just tell them, but actually value those people.  If you’re anything like me you might find it hard to see the value in every single person like God does.  I think the only thing that can change that imperfection of my heart is asking God to change that imperfection in my heart, and to ask God to make me a person that sees the high value in other.

What are you going to this week to show, tell, or help someone realized that they are valued?

I wish I had super speed.

September 10, 2009

Last thursday I had one of those moments that I wish I could relive.  Yeah I’ll admit I did.  As much as I hear people say “live with out regrets” and all that other stuff, I still had one of those moments in time where I wished I could have turned back time and done something differently.

I was on campus walking to class.  All of a sudden I hear the loudest, cackling, laugh I have ever heard on campus out in public.  Before I go on, you most realize this was the most gratuitous, mocking laugh I have heard, maybe ever.

So I turn around to see one big guy haunched over on a skateboard that’s moving slowly.  He was the Cackler.  Now behind in the grass near the sidewalk was a stranded razor (type) scooter.  Also in the grass, on his back was a guy in all black with long curly black hair.  The large Cackler was laughing at this guy laying in the grass.  Meanwhile many others were looking at the fallen scooterist and not doing a thing about it.

Now I don’t know what happened.  What I do know is that it seemed like the big Cackler had run him over, kept going, and laughing like a hyena while not stopping to help this guy.  I will admit sometimes on campus there are some funny accidents, but it always seems someone is apologizing or laughing in those situations.  But in this accident, someone somehow fell and was being mocked worse then any other.  The mocking laughter to me almost felt evil.

So as I see this situation I start getting angry, and a couple of young freshman nearby me start laughing too.  So I chew them out saying something like “really? this is what our society has come to? Laughing and mockery at someone like this?”.  Which got an apology out of one and a “people have laughed at me when I’ve fallen.” from the other.  I was to angry to tell that guy how flawed his logic was on that.

So I turn back around after kinda yelling at those freshman and see the scooter rider getting up slowly and taking off.  And that was when I went after him.  It was also when I wished I could have turn back time.  I was too far away to catch up.  Even if I ran.  Unless I had super speed.  Which is another reason why I wish I had super speed.  I never caught up to the scooter rider, and I was late to class.

Let me explain why I wish I could relive that series of moments.  So first I hear the cackler, then I see the fallen scooterist, then I yell at the freshman, then I turn around and the scooterist is pretty much gone.  I wish that instead of taking the time to yell at those freshman, I could have ran over to the fallen scooterist.  I could have helped him up.  I could of apologized for the cackler.  And I could have satisfied a deep feeling of needed Justice inside me.

But thats not what happened.  What happened was I yelled at some freshman, instead of potentially sharing the love of Christ with someone who in my mind needed it.

I didn’t even get the opportunity to go yell at the Mad Cackler.  Nope just some freshman, who probably just thought I was annoying.

I guess that’s the thing about Justice, it can’t be misplaced and if it is it’s not very effective. I don’t even think it would have been Justice to push the Cackler down and then have everyone laugh at him.  Justice would have been to love on the fallen scooterist when he felt mocked by the world.

But next time, I’ll be ready to run to the fallen.  I’ll be ready to get over my own pride and lack of boldness and run to those who need to be validated. At least I hope I will, because I don’t want to have another moment that I wish I could relive.

What stories do you guys have of Justice? Good ones? Bad ones? Funny? Sad? Biblical accounts of some awesome Justice? I wanna know.