Desperate Much?

September 15, 2009

Last week I noticed I had a missed call from a number I didn’t recognize.  First I hear the hello of a young female voice, then I say ” Hi, I got a missed call from this number”. Which got a reply like “oh yeah sorry about that, I just dialed the wrong number”. She says sorry, I say bye.  Pretty uneventful.


I get a text a few minutes later.  The text says something like this;

Hey you sound 25-ish, you single?

I replied haha no. Which got her to say lol, and okay bye.

But what the heck?  She was almost asking me out just based on my voice and possible age.  I almost wanted to ask her her name, so I could facebook stalk her and see what kind of chick this was.  I realized that would be a tough explanation to my girlfriend so I didn’t.

That’s not the big issue though here.  The issue is the place where this girl’s heart was at.  She was willing to ask me out without ever meeting me.  I think most people would think, “wow what a hooch” (that term is still used right?), or that girl is desperate!

I thought the exact same thing.  However, now after thinking about it more.  I feel bad for her.  What’s her life like?  What’s happened throughout her life to cause her to be willing to go out with a 25-ish voice? I think that it shows that during her life, that no one has shown her the high value that she’s worth.  God thinks she’s worth more then that.

I really don’t think this desperate sounding text was just her fault.  I feel like its only what naturally happens in a society where people aren’t valued if they’re not attractive, or young, or funny, or whatever.

Let’s take make up for instance.  Women put it on to make themselves look better.  And sadly that is just what it does some times.  It covers up all the blemishes or zits or whatever. I think God sees people putting on make up and is saddened.  I think He sees the good creation that He’s made and wishes that we could see ourselves, and each other as He sees us.  So that then we might see the value in each other.

This girl wasn’t desperate in my opinion.  She felt no value. Or very little.  What are we going to do as Christian men and women,to make all people realize they have value?

We have to do something different then what our society does.  We have to tell anyone and everyone that they have value.  Not just tell them, but actually value those people.  If you’re anything like me you might find it hard to see the value in every single person like God does.  I think the only thing that can change that imperfection of my heart is asking God to change that imperfection in my heart, and to ask God to make me a person that sees the high value in other.

What are you going to this week to show, tell, or help someone realized that they are valued?


9 Responses to “Desperate Much?”

  1. You may be right on the nose, but I think this is a situation a little over-analyzed. I think it’s foolish, unnecessary and outright stupid to seek out a person you contacted by dialing a wrong number. But perhaps this is a confident girl who loves meeting new people. She’s probably of age and goes clubbing on the weekends with a couple girlfriends and meets new guys all the time. Some people frown on this, regardless, but I don’t see any evidence that strongly suggests that this woman doesn’t value herself.
    Also, asking if you are single doesn’t mean she’s ready to jump in any car with you. You’re in a relationship and a dynamic about that is you can’t just up and befriend any female. She may understand that and chose the respectful path to not intrude.
    Anyway, to actually answer your question, I’m going to take a card and a movie next time I visit my mom this weekend. She carries a lot of weight for our family and is often criticized for it. Sometimes, nobody reminds her why she means so much.

    • anthonygee said

      Sweet man. And that is a really good point. I however have yet to meet a girl that is that outgoing. But perhaps my judgement was a bit over analyzed.

      • Joe Mansor said

        i didnt find it overanalyzed at all. regardless of this particular girls place in life, or her actual reasoning behind trying to start something, i think you took an excellent example, and made a great observation about society and people in general. bravo.

  2. paulrrbell said

    Spot on Anthony, spot on.

  3. Sharon Parks said

    Good post, Anthony. I, however, saw a different aspect of this whole scenario. Besides the fact that this woman was willing to pursue a guy she didn’t know (as a mom I always think about the danger in that!), the event presented you with a moral dilemma. These situations are not at all uncommon, and how many guys would take the secret bait and get away with it, rather than being loyal to the girfriend?


    • anthonygee said

      I never thought about it like that. Thats really true. I guess this situation has a lot more perspectives on it then I realized.

  4. Rosemary said

    Text that girl, invite her to the core.
    Maybe she mis-dialed for a reason?

  5. Geri said

    Wow, talk about timing. Last week, right around this time, some friends and I went through a huge realization about the importance of others. We, mankind, spend too much time tearing others down and being too self centered to try making the world better for everyone else. Have you ever read the speech “This is Water” by David Foster Wallace? It really hits this topic perfectly.

    And when it comes to God, I think we can all do well to remember that He created us. He loves us. He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to earth to live and die for us. What more can we do to repay them than remembering that we are all His children and treating each other that way?

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