Sometimes I Pull a Peter.

October 6, 2009

Recently I realized that I pull a Peter sometimes.  Not the deny-ing peter.  The eating-only-with-Jews-Galatians-Peter.

Yup I do that.  What’s worse is I do it much worse then Peter.

I don’t mind eating with people that don’t think Christ is not their savior. In fact I love eating with people that aren’t Christian.

Sometimes though I don’t like eating with Christians I have labeled.

There are all sorts of Christians out there.  Some are early in their walk with God, some have been walking a long time.  Some are republican, some are democrats.  Some love America, some don’t.  There are Christians that think twitter is awesome, some that think it’s the devil. Some are a little bit country, and some are a little bit rock and roll.

All this to say is that sometimes, I don’t want to be around the ones that don’t see things the way I see them.  Sometimes I get extremely pious.  I think to myself, man look at me, I am seeking first the kingdom, I’m awesome, and good looking.

So there I’ll be walking along, and run into one of my Christian friends.  They’ll start to tell me how they had this awesome experience hearing from God at their church on Sunday.  I’ll ask what church is that?

Oh. Really?

Not that church, it’s too __________.(charismatic, crazy, lame, lukewarm, quiet, boring, your choice I’m pretty sure I’ve thought them all.)

But it can’t be.  Not that denomination.  They’re too__________.

Not that Pastor, he doesn’t even talk about ____________.

So I’ll discount what they say.  I’ll think how can that be? How can someone think that Pastor, or church, or whatever, isn’t totally missing the mark.

Or what’s worse is one of my Christian friends will have what I think are different values from my own.  Well at that point, I almost label them as lost or as sinners.  Because How could I hang out with Christians that have different values then me myself.

I’ll tell you how.


Or realizing that what I am doing is the same thing the Pharisees did.

But I’m doing it worse.  I’ve read about the Pharisees.  I’ve been lucky enough to learn the lesson they may not have.

I’m doing it worse because in spite of all the lesson learning

I still do it.

Honestly, I am not going to change.  I am always going to be like this to some degree.  The more I try to change, the worse I get.

There is something that works though.

Asking God to change me.

Looking at myself, and saying, God, help me see that fellow Christ follower the way you do.  Give me the ability to love them, even though all my heart wants to do is to judge and condemn them to make myself feel more worthy.

Change my heart God. Completely.  Fully. And every day.

I want to be able to see sin in my life before I see the sin in other people’s lives.

Will there be situations where my friends are missing the mark and I should call them out on it? Definitely. Am I doing that now? Nope.  What I am doing is condemning, gossiping, or not eating with them.  I am not acting out love.  I am acting out of ________ (pride, envy, jealousy, piousness, stupidity, hate, again your choice because I’m pretty sure I’ve acted out of each one of those).

So God. Change my heart.  Make me like your Son. Let me be filled only with your love, and act according.  I am sorry for missing the mark myself in this.  Forgive me.

Help me to not care who I eat with.  Even if they’re not circumcised.


6 Responses to “Sometimes I Pull a Peter.”

  1. Brittney said

    I really like how you personally ask God for forgiveness and help right in your blog. It shows how much you really care and how much you want a change. It’s super encouraging and makes the action seem simple; it shows that I don’t have to do a lot or work really hard to simply confess my wrongs or ask for help.

  2. Man, I seriously get chills every time I read your stuff. No joke, man. It’s the kind of chills you get when you know Jesus is all over it. I have said it, but I will keep saying it. Your words are anointed man. Every time, I read your stuff I see the honesty and the authenticity behind every word. It’s powerful. It pierces to my heart and convicts me every time. Keep doing your thing. I love it.

  3. Ivan said

    That was really good; your best one yet. That is really cool that you realize what you are doing, a lot of us would probally go on doing it with out ever realizing it. Do you think people ever do the samething to you?

    P.S. I like the circumcised part

  4. anthonygee said

    Someone out there has probably done the same thing to me at least once. But maybe not. I’ve never really been able to tell. If the rest of the population is anything like me, then more then likely.

  5. Tim Correa said

    I respect ability to recognize your imbalance and your effort to correct it. My method of belief would probably induce one of these situations should we dine together. Unless one is asking, I do not think it proper to impose on their belief. The walk is different with each of us hence our views will be different. I accept that there is a great plan and that certain things must be in motion to fulfill it. Not all of us were meant to sit in the same church. There will and must be a spectrum of doctrines. In other words; your looking glass is not the same as mine and our roots are planted far apart in firm soil, in different valleys.

  6. anthonygee said

    That may be. But I still love to dine with you.

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