October 13, 2009

I got kicked out of class the other day.  I’m in college and I actually got kicked out of class.

In my Japan class, I have a teacher whose motto is “sweat the small stuff”.  Ridiculous I know.  She has a rule that if you have a lap top you must sit in the front row.

One day I brought my lap top.  However I did not sit in the front row.  I wasn’t planning on using my lap top.  Really I wasn’t.  It was in my back pack.  Class got really boring though.  And I felt the lap top calling to me. So I took it out and put it on the chair next to me so the desk could block the teacher from seeing it.

I got to playing this intense stick figure war game and didn’t notice the teacher coming around the side to see what I was doing.  I noticed in the last second and tried shutting my lap top before she could see what I had been doing.

I think she figured it out.  She said quite angrily “You can leave!” So I laughed and said alright.

As I was eating a Wendy’s double stack I started to feel really convicted about the whole confrontation and thought I should go apologize for being disrespectful.

A few minutes later I am in her office apologizing and she is just tearing me a new one.  She cussed.  She said ASU degrees are second rate degree and all sorts of other stuff that I am absolutely sure she could get into trouble for.

Since that day I’ve been thinking exactly how I was going to get her back.  I could give her a horrible evaluation.  I could go to her supervisors and tell them all the things she said to me in her office.  And o man, she would have to apologize  to me, and probably even tell me I can play Stick War in class.

As I was thinking about all this revenge I got convicted again.  I think that’s one main reason I know the Holy Spirit is real.  I get convicted for stuff that would make me feel good or my life better.

The conviction I felt while walking near the library was the Holy Spirit saying this; “Is that really loving your enemy?”.

Crap. Well its not, not loving my enemy.  Plus she deserves it.

“But is that really loving your enemy?”

Dang it man.  Let me get back to you on that.

That’s when I realized I wouldn’t be writing her a bad evaluation.  Or talking to any of her supervisors.  That wouldn’t be loving my enemy.

I realized that I actually had a real life enemy. When Jesus said “Love your enemies, do good to those that hate you.”, well now that verse was a lot more relevant to me. (Luke 6:27)

Before, that verse didn’t really sound that relevant, because who besides Bruce Wayne has enemies anymore?  In America we’re supposed to get our way, and if someone wrongs us, we have every right to tell their supervisor.

In fact one time this Six Flags employee wronged me, and I told on him.  And I was told that he could possibly be fired for it.  I remember feeling convicted then but convinced myself what I did was totally okay.  He deserved it.  This is how America works.

But is that how the Gospel works?

I don’t think so.  I think that if that was Jesus at Six Flags, he would have probably healed that dude of leprosy, or put his ear back on his head, or something that was doing good to those that hated him.

Now I realize that I probably have a lot of enemies in my life.  They might not be enemies trying to kill me, or kidnap my girlfriend, but I think we get enemies every day.  While driving, in line at the bank, or while playing Stick War in class.

The real issue is how will we handle it? Will we do good to those people that treat us poorly? Or will we tell on them?  I know that if I have any sense, I am going to try and listen to what the Holy Spirit is telling me.  And that’s to love my enemies.

And honestly, that’s so much tougher.  I think though, the work that God is doing in me through that love, is so much more worth it.  So Japan teacher, get ready to get a GOOD evaluation.  ugh. It’s hard to even think about giving her a good evaluation. I’m gonna do it though.


6 Responses to “Enemies?”

  1. annalise said

    This is so cool because this is exactly what I’ve been thinking about lately!
    I have to love someone who did hurtful things to me too. Ick. But I’m gonna do it!

    Thanks Anthony for your thoughts, it helped convince me more to do so. 🙂

  2. Tim Correa said

    You did the right thing going to her and apologizing. She decided to flip out instead. That’s a woman who appreciates a good confrontation, especially with a young one in her classroom who’s livelihood is somewhat subject to her ruling. I would pay her one last visit, for her good, not for mine. Tell her briefly that my apology was not to set myself up for an embarrassing and profane lecture and that if I were her, I would evaluate my behavior. Next time I will keep my statements brief and remove myself from her presence, whether she is speaking or not (outside of class of course). That’s just me though.

    • anthonygee said

      Actually at the time I did say that I was trying to be polite and didn’t like how she was talking to me, and asked if she could talk in a professional manor, it didnt really change her attitude.

  3. Brian said

    Your story has convicted me, too, Anthony.

    I have some pretty “close enemies” in my life as well. And loving them is difficult. Loving them is, in fact, simply impossible.

    And I think that was a point Jesus was trying to make. Pretty much everything he has asked of us, is impossible. We can’t do any of it. We need help. We need – in the end – a Savior. I think that was the point he wanted to make. We really do need his help; we really do need him to do all those things – loving our enemies, etc – in and through us. Who else can honestly do all the things that Jesus asked us to do, besides Jesus himself?

    So we need His Spirit. We need His Love in us, to “do the loving” for others.

    Thank you for sharing this, Anthony.


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