For Everything that Matters I need God.

November 12, 2009

That’s how it goes.  For everything that is important, I need God.

I think that I can love my friends, or my girlfriend, or my family, and I realize that sometimes I can’t love any of them.  I’ll think that I can, I’ll think that I can do it just fine, and I realize can’t.  And I used to be perplexed by this. Then I realized that I can’t do it on my own.  I realized that when I call out to God and ask for love He will fill me with it.

Recently I was listening to a message by John Piper.  He was talking about humility.  He was saying that we need to be able to give God the glory in all situations, that even when we’re complimented we need to be humble enough to give God the credit.  At least that’s what I got out of it, who knows if that’s what he was saying.  Whether or not he was saying that,  I feel like I have been hearing that message a lot lately.

And I can’t handle it.  I don’t want to give God all the credit for all the good things I do.  I want to take the credit.  I think it’s because I get the credit for all the bad things I do, not God, so why can’t I have the credit for all the good things too?

It’s because no matter how many good things I do there is a point that I can’t continue doing all those good things.  I don’t know why that is.  At some point it gets harder or unrepeatable.  Maybe that’s not how it is for everybody, but that’s how it is for me.

The reason God needs the credit is because we were made to give Him the credit.  It’s the best thing for us.  These past two sentences is kind of a paraphrase of some things Piper says a lot too.

I remember one time I shared a message with the youth on one Sunday, and right after I was walking alone and said “Good Job God.”

It was weird, but a very spirit filled moment.  I don’t know what prompted me to say it.  But it felt so true and good and right to say it.

Because I am Human I can’t love everybody the same.

Or I can’t be patient in all circumstances.

Or I am not a hard enough worker.

Or I am just socially stupid sometimes.

But because I am human I can let God give me everything that matters.

Because I am Anthony

I can let God fill me with love.

I can let God make me as patient as Him.

I can let God take away my lazyness.

I can let God make me relatable to anyone.

Because I know that in the end,

I need God for everything that matters.


5 Responses to “For Everything that Matters I need God.”

  1. Tim said

    Very true. One thing to keep in mind is that we are creatures always seeking immediate gratification. God sees our obedience and what we do from our heart. It’s nice to receive thanks, but sometimes people don’t always see the good that we achieved through sacrifice. I don’t know if God gives us a pat on the back, but just knowing that He’s behind all of it keeps me going.

  2. Brian said

    I wouldn’t disagree: we do need God for everything. Everything.

    And yet, I think you could take what you have said even a step further:

    When good fruit is produced, and born, through our actions and our love towards others, it is really God. It is God who is acting, who is doing the loving. “God is love,” St John loves us. How truly deep and magnificent those words are. If we take them along with the promise of the Spirit that Jesus gave to us, and the mystical reality of our being the body of Christ here now on Earth, we can recognize that it truly is Jesus who loves others, who gives himself to others, and who is humble in doing so, when we allow him to do those things through us.

    Who else can love others except for God, who is love? So we need his Spirit – the Spirit of God, that very literally is “one-and-the-same-time” His Love – to fill us. It is that exact same Spirit that Jesus had in his ministry that we now have, as the body of Christ; in a word, it is same Spirit in us that makes us, in a sense, Jesus to the world.

    That’s a profound mystery. It gives much food for thought, to say the least. In the end, we cannot do any of those things that you have mentioned, Anthony, with regard to loving others, in all its various manifestations. We cannot give what we do not have; we need God’s Love, God’s Spirit, to do the giving and loving. What is amazing is how he chooses to do it, now, in-with-through us, Christ’s body now on Earth. Wow.


  3. Ede Gonz said

    “Good job, God!” Is my mantra so this hit me home. I believe that God is in every one of us. As we mature in spirit and become pure, the little baby Jesus (Part II) in us comes out like a divine ground-hog. With enough nurturing and loving consciousness the God is us can mature!

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