Goals are dumb.

November 30, 2009

Yeah. I said it.

Goals are dumb.

When I look at people in the Bible, I don’t know if they had goals.  I don’t even know if Jesus had “goals” while on earth.

The people I love and respect most are the ones that don’t have goals.  But I don’t even think they know that they don’t have goals.

The crazy thing is those people are very accomplished people.  Yet they have no goals.

They are people that just want to be changed and used by God.

I know goals help people and are probably not at all bad.  In fact they might be necessary in some situations.

I just don’t think Jesus really had goals in the sense of accomplishment.  That’s what I mean when I say goals here.  I feel like usually when we talk about goals  its some new accomplishment to strive for.

Now there’s nothing wrong with living like that.  I mean I do every day probably.

I just think that Jesus lived differently.

Not that surprising to think that he lived differently.  But even now I know some of you are totally disagreeing with a lot of what I’m saying.

Before you do that though, take a second and just think are you making Jesus out to be who you want him to be, or who He was and is.

Jesus lived a life completely led by the spirit, at least thats what it seems like to me.  I hear pastors and speakers say this some times too.

Jesus didn’t come and say by the time I die I want to feed five thousand people.  Maybe he did. But I think

He just listened to what God was telling him to do.

I want a life like that.

Contradictory huh? My goal is be completely led by the Spirit and thus having no goals because I am too busy doing what God is asking me to do.

The great thing about this is I know that when I let this happen, that a lot of the goals I have now will probably just come to pass.

God wants to do in our lives, what we want to do for ourselves.

Let’s just let Him.


5 Responses to “Goals are dumb.”

  1. soo goood man…. and so true… if we really think about it, our identity isn’t defined by performance or meeting goals..it’s about being loved by Jesus. being loved isn’t a goal; it’s just the way it is, yet sometimes it’s so hard to grasp.

    goood stuff. keep it coming!

  2. Brian said

    Anthony, thank you for sharing, as always.

    I think there is truth in what you have shared. Carl makes a good point, too; yet I feel this could even be taken a little deeper!

    “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit” (John 3:8).

    The Spirit has plans, in a sense. But we can’t always known them. Or can we?

    It is an amazing truth to ponder: we have been given the same Spirit that Jesus had – God’s Spirit! Wow. I think if we truly grasped even the smallest part of this truth, our mouths – nay, our hearts! – would drop to the floor.

    Our own plans, formed by our own human spirits, more times than not seem to clash and conflict with the plans of God, communicated through his Spirit. But if we truly allow the Spirit to lead us, we can be guaranteed that we will be safe, that we will be brought to the fullness of Life.

    It doesn’t mean, however, that where ever we are lead will be comfortable. When Jesus was lead by the Spirit, he was lead to more than just temptations from the evil one (see Matthew 4:1). He was led to the Cross.

    We, too, at times, will be led to the Cross. But also like Jesus, we will come out alive, and more than that: we will have the fullness and perfection of the Divine Life, that Jesus had (has) – and desires to give to us! In fact, there is no other way; we must be willing to make that Passover, uniting ourselves to Jesus, as we take up our own cross and follow him all the way.


    • anthonygee said

      That’s an awesome verse from John man. I feel like that verse really helps what I feel like I’ve been learning. Thanks for sharing man.

  3. Brian said

    Hey, no problem; thank you for sharing as well!

    When I read your blog, that verse immediately jumped into my mind. I think what you have shared is contained, at least to some extent, in that verse from John.

    I think walking by the Spirit means more or less what you have shared: not making plans, and laying down our agendas. I think it also means experiencing, in a more truthful way, the freedom for which Christ has set us free. A freedom – we might be able to say – that is given experienced in-with-through the Spirit.



    You have a genuine style and heart that is a light to the world, Anthony.

  4. Wow. This really hit me hard… because here it is January and I’ve just set myself a bunch of goals. And I think they are really good goals but you are so right, being led by the Spirit each and every day – waking up and saying, “okay Lord, what do you want me to do today?” Now, that is a life truly being lived for God.

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