The Enemy is Always Working.

December 21, 2009

One of my favorite books of all time is the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. I love it.  I have a friend name Ben Adam that is reading it right now.  I love him too.

The book is basically one demon telling another demon how to wreck someone’s (that someone becomes a believer within the book)  life.

It just talks about how the Enemy (that would be Satan) tries to destroy our life.  It sucks, because as I’ve read the book I am just like yup I have seen the enemy do that.

It seems like that when I am at my most Spirit filled or just at my most surrendered to God, the enemy gives up for ten minutes.  Well just gives up on me specifically  for that ten minutes.  Then the enemy goes and tries to use every person I have a relationship with and convince them otherwise about me.  Or work through those people (and me too)  to destroy my relationship with them.

I am in one of those ten minute give up on Anthony times that the enemy has.  And I just want to throw in the towel.  It’s like when I finally let God take me over completely for about a minute the enemy does this.

The enemy thinks “Oh, better work on every person around you, better work on every relationship you have.  I better help you hurt them.  I better help them hurt you.  Because I cannot have a person wholly surrendered to God.  I can’t have someone who is giving God their entire life.”

He probably cusses while doing it too.

Have you seen this Jesus video?

I feel like there needs to be an extra scene. Now imagine I’m the girl, and all the key people in my life walk out and around me, and then one will stand next to me, my dad or whatever.  Then one of those bad guys will take my hand and  my dad’s hand and make us hit each other in the crotch.

Then we just sit there yelling at each other.

That’s what I feel like the enemy is doing to me right now.

But luckily my God is bigger then that.  My God is the I am.

My God is the God who fills me with love for the ones hitting me in the crotch. My God is the God who says “even though it seems like all your loved ones might abandon you you can love them.  You can do it.”

My God is the I Am.  My God is the God who fights for me daily.  My God is the God who chose to be a baby, so I can one day experience His love for all eternity.  My God is Yaweh and Jesus Christ.

So God, Help me to be who you’ve created me to be.  You are all I need.  Help me to not ever be affected by the enemy’s attacks.  Help me to not let the enemy work in my life.  Because even though my enemy might always be working, you are always Redeeming, your power is greater.  You’re all I need.


5 Responses to “The Enemy is Always Working.”

  1. Brian said

    Thanks for sharing, Anthony, as always.

    C.S. Lewis made some other profound observations about the spiritual life, besides the Screwtape Letters – a book worth reading. He observed:

    Many people view Christianity, and the act of becoming Christian, and having that conversation, as being like children who enter a playground. They see this reality as a giant playground, where God’s children are welcomed, and where they can play together.

    But nothing could be further from the truth. Lewis continues by relating how we are all actually born into a war. Those who become Christian, who have that conversion, suddenly find themselves in the middle of a raging battle, fighting for their own souls, and for the souls of their fellow comrades as well. The spiritual life of Christians is a war, rather than a playground.

    Thank God we can come out alive, and make that Passover with Jesus who brings us to eternal life.

    Thanks for bringing a little more light to this reality, Anthony. It is so important. God bless you, brother, always: in Jesus name.


  2. Tim said

    This was a very pleasurable read, Anthony. Though I would identify most of our conflicts with others arising from the flesh because of how I’ve studied and my own experiences. The enemy has been revealed in my life. Today, I pray against him. There is a big event about to happen in my family that would begin a healing process and bring much frustration and exhaustion to an end. It should take place in March and I have faith that it will. I suspect he will create obstacles. I am not there and I can’t see what is happening, so I cast my worries on God. It’s like when someone in my family tries to do the right thing, everything that can go wrong does go wrong, to the point where it feels like we can’t push forward. But that’s where God comes in and carries us the rest of the way. With Him the enemy is overcome, always.

    • anthonygee said

      For sure man, and I dont think the enemy so much as forces our hand to hit each other in the crotch metaphorically speaking, but influences us to do so. I’ll be praying for you man. I love you.

  3. Brian said


    I believe it is from Mere Christianity. I love Lewis as well; I can’t exactly remember whereabout the observation was from, but I feel certain it is from Mere Christianity. If not, I know he commented on this aspect of the spiritual life elsewhere, on several occasions.

    What Tim as shared reminded me of this passage, coming from Jesus:

    Jesus said to them, “Only in his hometown, among his relatives and in his own house is a prophet without honor.” (Mark 6:4; cf. Matthew 13:57).


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