We Don’t Know We Love Our Stuff.

December 28, 2009

We really don’t.

I mean honestly.  Take a minute and think about all the stuff you have.  think about your bed, think about your tv, your video games, your car, your ipod, your iphone, your cds, your whatever.

Now imagine all that stuff just being completely destroyed.

You probably just thought to yourself “Well it wouldn’t matter to me that much.”

I want to challenge you that it would.  I thought I didn’t care about my stuff that much until recently when I needed a few extra bucks, so I decided to sell some things.  The things I decided to sell were my Nintendo Wii, an old Super Nintendo and all the games with it.

Everytime I told someone I was selling my Wii their reaction was

What?!! Why?

Which would then cause me to be sad I was selling the Wii for a split second.  And then I would explain myself that I needed to pay for rent and all that, and the person would be sad for me.  I don’t even play my Wii very much any more but these people would be really sad for me.

When all that I was losing was something that just brought me fun, and very little else.

Why does a toy invoke such sadness in me and others?

Now realize I am not sad at all for selling my Wii, but when those other people were sad for me, something would rise up in me that made me sad for a moment too.  I think we as American Christians don’t understand the depth of our greed.  Or the depth of how much we love our stuff.  It shouldn’t be that hard to get rid of something I don’t need.  And it shouldn’t be that hard for other Christians to hear.

If you had to sell your stuff to pay a fellow Christian’s rent would you?  Think about it, that’s what they did in the book of Acts basically.  That’s what the first century Christians did.  I don’t think I have ever met a Christian who literally sold their own property or things that they own to pay for another struggling Christian.

I want the church and community of Christians I belong to do that stuff all the time.  I want it to be common place.  The problem is, I gotta start with myself.

P.S. I know there are Christians out there doing this, I hear about it in Pod casts, Magazines, and Books, I am just saying I literally have not meant one such Christian.  So I would like to become one.


11 Responses to “We Don’t Know We Love Our Stuff.”

  1. Hello darling.
    This has been on my mind a lot lately, too. I’ve been thinking about my money and my stuff, and how I use it. I’m so selfish. I don’t even realize how selfish I am, probably.

    At Crossroads I watched a video about a couple who paid one family’s $10,000 debt so they could adopt a baby (I told you about it). And since then I’ve been thinking about how I want to be the kind of person that CAN and is WILLING to use my money like that.

    I don’t give a poop about your Wii. Good job selling it. Let’s sell everything!!!!!! I love you.

  2. Pepe said

    hahaha now you really should see up in the air. you just hit on a few big themes in it haha. from a different angle though. i love you roomie. not just for your wii.

  3. I join you in that petition for a heart change. Can you imagine the transformation the Church would bring about if we ALL took on God’s agenda? …the orphan…widow…naked…hungry…lost…

    May God stir within you this impartational grace to effect change!


  4. Malika said

    You know how sometimes you just come across something that you were really meant to read. That’s what happened with me reading your blog. I was just minding my own business reading comments at Stuff Christians Like and thought I’d visit your page. Then, bam-mo, something I needed to hear. I will admit that I have never met such a christian either and, sadly, am not one myself. Thanks for the perspective.

  5. matt said

    we actually had a guy at urbana speak on this subject a couple days ago. one thing that really stuck with me was when he said, “if you can’t give up your possessions, then you don’t own them, they own you.”

  6. As Malika says, I just stumbled into your backyard…


  7. rhapsodi said

    THIS IS SO TRUE!! I always find myself loving being a follower of Christ and loving the stuff in my life like my clothes and my room.

  8. rhapsodi said

    so legit. I love my stuff because it is fun to have!!

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