Conviction Junction what’s Your Function?

January 7, 2010

The Bible says the Holy Spirit will convict the world of its sin. (Read John 16:7-11, it’s GOOD.)

Well it does that to me too.

Recently someone told me how much they like my blog and all that nice stuff.  And I was like thank you, and we kept talking about my blog and I was all of a sudden like yeah well hopefully it gets popular enough so I can make a bunch of money off it one day.

Right then, I didn’t feel convicted about that.  But either the next day or a few days later I totally did.

It just struck me that that’s not the end goal of this blog.  And it sucked that I acted like it was.  I felt like a false prophet or something. The end goal of this blog is to help people grow in their walk with God.  And yet I made it sound like money was what mattered, and was partially my motivation, when that was never the motivation behind this blog.

Even now I feel like I am writing this blog just set the record straight with those people who I was talking to.  And that’s pretty much true.  I want to confess my sin of acting like money was what mattered with this blog. (as if this blog would ever make money in the first place).

That’s what’s awesome about the Holy Spirit.  He convicts us.

Just think if the Holy Spirit never convicted us. Christianity would not look like it does today.

I don’t think I ever really like the feeling of being convicted by the Holy Spirit.  But I love the results.  The results are some kind of restoration.  Some kind of me becoming better.  Whenever I act on the conviction of the Holy Spirit I see my self being freed from things, whether it be sin or false thoughts.

My favorite is when the Holy Spirit convicts me about something I do relationally to someone.  It sucks at first because I realize I have to go to that person and apologize for how I wronged them.  But that restoration in the relationship is awesome. First, it makes the person feel better.  And second, it honestly usually draws me closer to that person relationally.  It’s just all around awesome.

And that’s all due to the conviction of the Holy Spirit.  I love it.


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