I wanna be Passionate when I’m 40.

January 12, 2010

I think one of the biggest struggles I see and have experienced as someone who’s grown up in the Church, is lack of passion, in areas of life that should require passion.

Maybe not require passion, but should have passion.

Something we do in the church that seems to have little or no passion is Communion.

We have it scheduled as part of a service and read the verses that deal with it, pray, and then eat and drink that stuff.

But how often are we doing it in Remembrance of Christ, and how often are we doing it just because we Christ asked us to?

Further more how often do you see someone passionately praying for the bread and wine, or passionately talking about what Christ has done for us.

I want to be the kind of person that is passionate about these things.  I want to do these things and draw closer to God because of them.  I remember doing communion  in high school, and thinking to my self every time I do this, I want to fall more in love with Christ.

And I don’t want to be passionate just for show.  I don’t want it to just look like I’m passionate.  I want the passion to be in my heart.  The outward expression of that could look very different for all sorts of people. But whatever that is I want that sincerity of passion to be in me.  Not because we admire passionate people, but because passion seems to consume all of a person.

When we say a person is passionate about cars, we pretty much think that cars are what that person is all about.  I want God to look at me and say

Anthony, You are passionate about me, and my son.

I want that.

When I have communion I want to literally remember the salvation that God lived out for me. I want to realize all the things God has done in my life.  I want love God more each time I do communion.  I don’t want it to just be a practice.  I want it to be something I get excited about, because of just the idea of remembering Christ and what he did for us.

Have you ever just sat around with friends and talked about the things that some crazy old mutual friend used to do?  You know, that legend of a friend that everybody seems to have, the person that is always doing crazy stuff and everybody loves him or her.

That’s how communion should be with Christ.  We should just talk about all the crazy stuff He did, He was one crazy awesome guy.  And when I do communion I just want to reminisce on all the things that Christ has done not only in my life, but has just done.

So when I am forty, and leading communion somewhere I hope it’s one of those things that gets me choked up.  Or makes me yell.  Or make gestures with my hands.  I want to always be passionate.  Not just right after god does something in my life, but always, not just when I’m young, but when I’m old too.  I hoped I’m marked by God for my passion for Him.

And I say when I’m forty because I could easily see me getting to used to a lot of things in my walk with Christ down the road.  I don’t want to get used to them.  I want all these things to be fresh, and awesome, and passion filling, so God fill me with passion for you, always.


4 Responses to “I wanna be Passionate when I’m 40.”

  1. Jessica said

    Amen. May we both be passionate lovers of our three-personed God for the rest of our lives. And may we never be ordinary, comfortable or settled. May we always be growing and learning and falling and rising. May it be painful but more beautiful.

  2. Tim said

    Honestly, that was one of the most beautiful set of words that I’ve ever seen come from you. Probably anyone. Your heart aches for God in all forms. Not just for deliverence, not just for salvation, or security or peace in your life but for pure love.
    Having grown up in a church environment much of my life, I understand that “GLORY, GLORY” facade that you’re referring to. It’s there on Sunday from 9am to 11am, but the rest of the week, it’s gone. I’m no one to say what we all should strive for, but I know I have to be sincere with God, especially when I don’t do things His way.
    I pray that He fuels his desires into my passions and yours, whatever they may be.

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