Christian Compliments.

February 8, 2010

Person 1: Hey, I just wanted to tell you, you are my favorite worship leader, I’ve seen you grow so much in the last few years.

Person 2:Why thank you but it really is just God that is doing it in me.


Person 1: I think you’re doing a great job loving (insert name) here, its really cool and refreshing to see.

Person 2: Well you know I just really feel like God has really filled me with love for that person. Its not me.

If you are Christian. And hang out with a lot of other Christians, you have probably been involved in a conversation like this in some way.

What happens is someone gives a compliment. Then the complimentee says something basically like it’s God’s fault I’m this awesome.

Whenever I get complimented I wanna react, and quite often do by saying God is really doing something in me.

Half the time it’s because I really know that that’s the case. And the other half the time it is because I know that’s the case and that’s what I am supposed to say.

It’s funny because if people didn’t react this way, we would probably think something like “well look at the arrogant pharisee that doesn’t hand his compliments to God.”

And the best part is I always react this way when receiving the compliment but when I am the one giving the compliment and the person does the “it’s God’s fault thing” I’m think in my head, true but just let me compliment you.

My favorite way of encountering this was in Nogales, Mexico.  There was a pastor in Mexico who was amazing.  He was non-stop doing things for God, and not in a pharisee way, but in way that loved God, and let God use him.

So one time when I was around him I gave him some kind of compliment like you are doing some great things here, you’re my hero and what not.

And he just shrugged and didn’t respond.  He barely even shrugged in fact.  I would have thought he had not heard me if it wasn’t for that small minute shrug.

This man was a humble.  Although it perplexed me for many days after, I realized the way he took compliments was much like a meek and humble man would.  Not humility born out of obligation of knowing we should be humble and give all the glory to God, but simply because he let God make him more and more humble everyday.

It’s kind of a funny limbo thing, Christian compliments.  It feels weird (not always of course) to give them a complinent when they react that way, and we a lot times react that way because we know it’s true.


2 Responses to “Christian Compliments.”

  1. Timothy Correa said

    I think the way we receive compliments is a learned behavior which we later condition to what we view as socially correct. In my work, when people say “Thank you”, I reply “Thank you” back and it’s perfectly appropriate every time. Outside of work, someone may ask to borrow a dollar and say “Thank you” when I hand it to them and I’ll reply “Thank you.” — Did it make sense? No. Was it kind? I think so. Did they notice? Yes, but why correct me.

    In forwarding gratitude to God, many people probably have their words ready before they are even thanked. Maybe we could all just practice taking time to receive a compliment and generate an appropriate and befitting response. If you do a nice deed that came from your heart, “you’re welcome” should suffice. If you know in your heart that you were guided by God to aid a someone, then answer “No, thank God”.

    But consider this, all of us are free beings in this life. Even if God is the driving force behind your actions, you made the choice to listen to Him. So, “thank you”.

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