I feel like the term emergent is used very often without anybody knowing what it means.  The funny thing is it’s almost like the new way of saying false prophet or demonic.

Here is the emergent movement’s main website if your wondering what they are about. http://www.emergentvillage.com/about/

Doesn’t all that stuff sound great?

Isn’t a lot of that stuff what we as Christians should and need to be about?

And yet so many people are against the emergent movement.  Now don’t get me wrong, if all these emergents are changing the gospel then they are false prophets, but I don’t know if I see that happening.  At least in what they say they’re about, they don’t seem to be perverting the gospel to me.  And don’t write me some response twisting what is said in their mission statement.  I am not four years old, I’m not being brain washed.

Nor would I say I am emergent.  Only though because of all the negative connotations that go with that phrase.  And because many wise pastors I trust are wary or against this emergent village.

But if you were to tell me that there are a group of Christians out there that do not wanna be separated by denominations, that wanted to love those that don’t believe in Christ better, and to love God and people on a unified front.  Well I would totally wanna be apart of that group.

However time and time again, we are hesitant of new ideas as Christians. We are hesitant of talking to the prostitutes, tax collectors, and lepers.  We are chained up by our piousness.  Let’s stop jumping on the bandwagon of fear.  Let’s take a look ourselves.

And I know that there are those in the emergent movement that may be perverting the Gospel.  But there are those in every movement perverting the Gospel.

All I know is that I find myself saying a lot “maybe I am emergent.” because of my love for the lost, and willing to hear new ideas on how to reach the lost, and my willingness to not let denomination separate me from my brothers and sisters.

Well I am pretty sure this post is gonna get a lot of flack.

EDIT SINCE ORIGINAL POST: As my knowledge of the emergent movement has grown I realize their seems to be a lot more things wrong with it then things right with it.  I still don’t personally know anyone in the emergent church, or what the emergent church is all about to really endorse them.  This post was not an endorsement, rather just me saying I think we have some like mindedness of the emergent church website. (October 14th, 2011)