Why people wanna be emergent.

March 20, 2010

I feel like the term emergent is used very often without anybody knowing what it means.  The funny thing is it’s almost like the new way of saying false prophet or demonic.

Here is the emergent movement’s main website if your wondering what they are about. http://www.emergentvillage.com/about/

Doesn’t all that stuff sound great?

Isn’t a lot of that stuff what we as Christians should and need to be about?

And yet so many people are against the emergent movement.  Now don’t get me wrong, if all these emergents are changing the gospel then they are false prophets, but I don’t know if I see that happening.  At least in what they say they’re about, they don’t seem to be perverting the gospel to me.  And don’t write me some response twisting what is said in their mission statement.  I am not four years old, I’m not being brain washed.

Nor would I say I am emergent.  Only though because of all the negative connotations that go with that phrase.  And because many wise pastors I trust are wary or against this emergent village.

But if you were to tell me that there are a group of Christians out there that do not wanna be separated by denominations, that wanted to love those that don’t believe in Christ better, and to love God and people on a unified front.  Well I would totally wanna be apart of that group.

However time and time again, we are hesitant of new ideas as Christians. We are hesitant of talking to the prostitutes, tax collectors, and lepers.  We are chained up by our piousness.  Let’s stop jumping on the bandwagon of fear.  Let’s take a look ourselves.

And I know that there are those in the emergent movement that may be perverting the Gospel.  But there are those in every movement perverting the Gospel.

All I know is that I find myself saying a lot “maybe I am emergent.” because of my love for the lost, and willing to hear new ideas on how to reach the lost, and my willingness to not let denomination separate me from my brothers and sisters.

Well I am pretty sure this post is gonna get a lot of flack.

EDIT SINCE ORIGINAL POST: As my knowledge of the emergent movement has grown I realize their seems to be a lot more things wrong with it then things right with it.  I still don’t personally know anyone in the emergent church, or what the emergent church is all about to really endorse them.  This post was not an endorsement, rather just me saying I think we have some like mindedness of the emergent church website. (October 14th, 2011)


15 Responses to “Why people wanna be emergent.”

  1. Pepe said

    Nice. I havent really looked into what emergents believe. Ive always just assumed it was bad because of the connotation the word has. But I dont see anything (with that group anyways) that I, or I’d even say any Christian who wants to follow christ, disagree with. And I really like their commitment to honor other churches, even Catholic. Thats pretty unheard of, probably very unpopular, but I love it. You dont have to agree with everything, but I think unity among believers is important. Dang. I think im emergent haha.

  2. Jason Nordgren said

    I think that why some traditional church leaders have an issue with the emergent village is that they believe they teach the Word is relational and not absolute.

    which kinda makes sense, cause loving your neighbor just for the sake of being good really doesn’t hold water if you don’t believe that God exists and Jesus came and died for our sins. Not that the emergent church teaches that outright, but I think our traditional leaders believe they are headed down that path.

    That being said, has the traditional church made mistakes, esp. in reaching the lost and loving our neighbor? Fo sho. I hate the “you’re in our your out” mentality the church sometimes has- and that I sometimes find myself buying into.

    If emergent starts teaching the Gospel is relational and not absolute, the tradional church has a responsibility to say something. And if the traditional church does not love their neighbors cause theyre not in the saved club, emergent has a responsibility to ask “whats up with that”?

    Therefore, I am as thankful for Rob Bell as I am for Aimee Semple McPherson- I need both voices in my life.

    • anthonygee said

      I totally agree. I think that they are a lot emergent churches out there that the Gospel is relational and absolute, and those are the ones that I can identify with.

      Its funny because a lot of me has very traditional views, but also a lot of non-traditional views. You are totally right when you say that there def needs to be some kind of balance.

      Have you read any Francis Chan Jason, He is not emergent by any means, but his church is the kind of balance I would want a church to have.

  3. Jason Nordgren said

    i should have said emergent teaches the Gospel relative (to your situation/time/space) and not absolute- at least according to the fundamentalists 🙂

    Have not read francis chan, but I will look him up. Just read “sex god” by RB today in one shot and it was amazing!

    • anthonygee said

      Oh Rob is great. I did not know about the relative thing, that is def not okay with me. Is that on their website? or by any of the founders or anything do you know?

  4. Jason Nordgren said

    I remember when Josh McDowell spoke at Grace he said that about the emergent church. I didnt know what emergent was back then….I read another article in some christian mag (I think it was Rev) that said the same thing.

    I looked at the website you listed and could not find “We teach the Bible is relative and not absolute” in their core values. It may be that it is just inferred from their leaders teaching and interpretation. Im not sure. I could not find anything in their core values that said the Bible was absolute truth though.

    In velvet elvis, Rob Bell talks about the trampoline and the springs and the virgin birth, and “what if” the virgin birth was not real? would our faith still hold up? He then says he DOES believe in the virgin birth…but everybody and their mother had a field day with that comment online, saying Rob Bell doesnt believe in the Bible and he preaches a man-centered Gospel. Taken out of context if you ask me…

    but collectively enough that I am interested in the dialogue on both sides.

    Sorry I cannot substantiate any more than this.

    • anthonygee said

      No its cool, I was just wondering. And yeah that virgin birth stuff with Rob Bell got way out of hand.

      I’ll def have to look into it a lot more.

  5. Chad said

    I don’t like Rob Bell. Is some of the criticism blown out of proportions? Yes. I don’t like the emergent church. The website you linked, at least the front page, had no doctrine I could find. http://www.lds.org/ldsorg/v/index.jsp?vgnextoid=e419fb40e21cef00VgnVCM1000001f5e340aRCRD
    this is the LDS church, the front page looks good too. Sorry Anthony, I disagree with you.

  6. anthonygee said

    Well could you elaborate a little bit please? I am not saying I love the emergent church. But there is a mission statement on the emergent churches web page. That’s what I am basing it off of.

    and that page didnt work. but i googled the lds church’s actual home page, and i quickly found things that I disagreed with. So I don’t really think its the same thing. And I thought the link I had was to the mission statement page, I didnt realize it was the home page.

    Also I know that you love Mark Driscoll thus why you don’t like Rob Bell. Haha. I like Mark Driscoll but he has def taken some of the things that Rob Bell has said out of context. Have you read any of Bell’s stuff?

    • Chad said

      The emergent church is dying and im glad, so I feel no need to fight it adamantly, but…The emergent church downgrades truth. It puts relationships above truth. It doesn’t like “statement of faith” because they feel it causes divisions. Should we really put relationships and friendliness above doctrine and truth? The emergent church’s beliefs, i’ve heard it put, is like “nailing jello to a wall”. Can’t really do it.

      I’ve read bits and pieces of Bell. Not all the stuff is bad, much of it is very good. It’s in little pieces where his doctrine is skewed, his scriptural value is low. I wouldn’t read his stuff because there’s many other authors I know and trust. Do i think Bell is a heretic? I’d be hesitant to say that. Do I think he’s a misled Christian who people only follow because he is cool and different? yes.

      • anthonygee said

        Maybe, but I think it would be important to cite how he has misled. I used to think the same way about him, until I actually started reading his stuff. I think he really does care about scripture and cites it often. Does he do it in controversial way sometimes? yes. and i just feel that the emergent movement has come out and said we value relationship over the Bible. I think they say we value relationships AND the Bible. So until I see a large movement of people saying flat out that relationships are more important, I am probably not gonna be totally against it.

  7. Chad said

    Well that’s just it, the emergent church is so jello-like, they will not come out and say anything one way or the other. I just disagree with their view that doctrine causes division and that is bad. It’s not bad if it’s truth. All this must be balanced with Acts 2 obviously. But we do not shy away from truth as believers. It all just seems so cool and new, and jumping on the same wagon that the rest of the world is with “truth is relative”. Not on that same note, but down the same alley. I’m just very hesitant of anything “new and revolutionary”… the Bible is ancient and still true, nothing has changed. There is nothing new under the sun.

  8. Ivan Zovko said

    I am siding with Chad a little more on this one. The lack of a statement of faith I feel is like build a house with no foundation. While I do think it is a cool idea and what not; I also think it will fall apart because it is not really unified. There is a difference between a group of people standing on a basketball court and a basketball team standing on a basketball court; the team is united. Now you may say that the emergent church is unified to God and that may be true too, but it is the surface of understanding God it is like Mere Christianity and C.S. Lewis wrote about this in his book saying

    “It is more like a hall out of which doors open into several rooms. If I can bring anyone into that hall I shall have done what I attempted. But it is in the room, not the hall, that there are fire and chairs and meals. The hall is a place to wait in, a place from which to try the various doors, not a place to live in.”

    and that is what I see the emergent church is more like.

    • anthonygee said

      these are all excellant points. The purpose of this blog was less to side with the emergent church, but to point out that some of things that they are for we should really be for as well.

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