Recently me and my girlfriend got in a fight.

I know, surprising right?

Well anyways the biggest thing I left from this fight with, is that if I really want to be better I need to have a consistent relationship with Christ.

The thing about a consistent relationship about Christ is that it is always making you better.

We can try and be better on our own, but at some point we will fail.

When we do embrace a relationship with Christ though we see God changing us and making us better.

It’s a crazy relationship.  It’s full of grace (my new favorite word) and love.  And yet God is still making us better.

A lot of times it is hard.  It isn’t like God just goes boom, and now you will never struggle with sin again.  It’s more like boom. You’re a new creation now, embrace that, and live that out, and I’ve changed your heart so you can live that out.

The reason a consistent relationship with Christ, God, and the Spirit, will change us is because we will get so used to God, and His presence, or His voice, so that in the midst of situations where we would normally take on the sinful nature, we can hear what God has for us, and live that out.

Even just reading the Bible changes us.  Which is an aspect of our relationship with God. I had a friend recently saying he was either reading through the beatitudes, or the sermon on the mount, or both, and he just said how convicting it was for him to read this stuff.  He said that he doesn’t have it all together even though he had thought he did.

How refreshing.

Someone willing to admit they can’t do it, or their not good enough.  I feel like too often we convince ourselves of how sinless we are, (which isn’t true) and stop ourselves from our need of relationship with Christ.  Who do you rely on to get better? Yourself? Or God?


Have you noticed that?

I know a lot of people with crappy lives.  With some people though their crappy lives are by their own doing.  Or by some amount of sin having effect.

There are times in my life when people come to me and talk to me about how bad their life is, and how they may not believe in God, and all these hard to hear things.

But sometimes its funny to me.  In a totally non-funny way.  Sometimes peoples’ lives start getting so bad because they let themselves get involved too much with sin.  They idolize people in their life, they take part in whatever things that make them feel good, and then their world crumbles, because these new gods of theirs only enslave rather then empower.  And those new masters can not edify them in any way.

Now there are plenty of Christians out there who are living in really crappy circumstances, but don’t have a problem with it.  I mean sure they would prefer to be out of all that. But it doesn’t bring them down.  Because they let themselves be lifted up by God.

For example.   There is this little girl at my church.  She has multiple physical problems or handicaps or whatever.  Things she has no power over.  The beautiful thing is that she is filled with so much joy.  And her devotion and love of God is immense.  She comes up to me sometimes and says “One day let’s be pastors at the same church.” all said with a huge smile on her face.  This little girl makes me cry more then once a year.

It is beautiful to see someone who has let God become their master, and see how things we strive after like happiness, peace, or fun, have it so fully in their life because they let God reign in their life.  The things of the world have little effect on those people who walk with God always on the throne.

On the other hand it is heart breaking to see those who let things other than god become their masters, it’s like watching someone you love start doing meth.  More and more the hope of their life is diffused.  And as they get more enslaved by sin the more that person blames God rather than themself. It doesn’t make sense but that’s what happens.

Sin kills.

But Christ Saves.

Let Christ Save you.

God let us all be slaves to righteousness.  Let us make you our master, so that we may have the one true hope of this life.

Worry as Sin

May 6, 2010

I have been reading a book called Christian Atheist.

In one of the chapters it talks about the idea of worry as being sin.

Well the past couple days I’ve been worrying.

Basically my grades are not the greatest and I am on the edge of the valley of the shadow of F. The problem is that I am on the edge, and I fail one class I won’t graduate this May.  Which would suck and be embarrassing.

So as I have begun to worry about those things that could happen, and this idea of worry being sin has been popping into mind.

Its weird because basically what happens is one moment I will be like well whatever I’ve done is all that I could do for now so I just have to cross that bridge when it comes.  And where the real peace comes is when I will pray and say God I trust you, whatever happens you got me.  You’ve kept my grades up before, and if you still want to you can.  Then I will feel peace for a moment.

Then the next moment I will back to worrying and thinking about all I can do to fix the grades and what not.  I will be anxious.

I imagine what I feel each time I worry is what it felt like when Peter took his eyes off Christ, and he started to sink.

Because in those moments when I have my eyes on Christ and realize that my own failure won’t really matter in the end, that peace is what feels like walking on water.

Maybe that all sounds dumb.  But all I know is that worry does nothing for me besides make me feel yucky inside. And keeps my eyes off God.

And when I cast that worry to God, it makes me feel peace inside. It makes me feel like I am not sinking.