There is a Direct Correlation between Sin and Having a Crappy Life.

May 11, 2010

Have you noticed that?

I know a lot of people with crappy lives.  With some people though their crappy lives are by their own doing.  Or by some amount of sin having effect.

There are times in my life when people come to me and talk to me about how bad their life is, and how they may not believe in God, and all these hard to hear things.

But sometimes its funny to me.  In a totally non-funny way.  Sometimes peoples’ lives start getting so bad because they let themselves get involved too much with sin.  They idolize people in their life, they take part in whatever things that make them feel good, and then their world crumbles, because these new gods of theirs only enslave rather then empower.  And those new masters can not edify them in any way.

Now there are plenty of Christians out there who are living in really crappy circumstances, but don’t have a problem with it.  I mean sure they would prefer to be out of all that. But it doesn’t bring them down.  Because they let themselves be lifted up by God.

For example.   There is this little girl at my church.  She has multiple physical problems or handicaps or whatever.  Things she has no power over.  The beautiful thing is that she is filled with so much joy.  And her devotion and love of God is immense.  She comes up to me sometimes and says “One day let’s be pastors at the same church.” all said with a huge smile on her face.  This little girl makes me cry more then once a year.

It is beautiful to see someone who has let God become their master, and see how things we strive after like happiness, peace, or fun, have it so fully in their life because they let God reign in their life.  The things of the world have little effect on those people who walk with God always on the throne.

On the other hand it is heart breaking to see those who let things other than god become their masters, it’s like watching someone you love start doing meth.  More and more the hope of their life is diffused.  And as they get more enslaved by sin the more that person blames God rather than themself. It doesn’t make sense but that’s what happens.

Sin kills.

But Christ Saves.

Let Christ Save you.

God let us all be slaves to righteousness.  Let us make you our master, so that we may have the one true hope of this life.


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