Your relationship with Jesus is the only thing that’s gonna make you better.

May 17, 2010

Recently me and my girlfriend got in a fight.

I know, surprising right?

Well anyways the biggest thing I left from this fight with, is that if I really want to be better I need to have a consistent relationship with Christ.

The thing about a consistent relationship about Christ is that it is always making you better.

We can try and be better on our own, but at some point we will fail.

When we do embrace a relationship with Christ though we see God changing us and making us better.

It’s a crazy relationship.  It’s full of grace (my new favorite word) and love.  And yet God is still making us better.

A lot of times it is hard.  It isn’t like God just goes boom, and now you will never struggle with sin again.  It’s more like boom. You’re a new creation now, embrace that, and live that out, and I’ve changed your heart so you can live that out.

The reason a consistent relationship with Christ, God, and the Spirit, will change us is because we will get so used to God, and His presence, or His voice, so that in the midst of situations where we would normally take on the sinful nature, we can hear what God has for us, and live that out.

Even just reading the Bible changes us.  Which is an aspect of our relationship with God. I had a friend recently saying he was either reading through the beatitudes, or the sermon on the mount, or both, and he just said how convicting it was for him to read this stuff.  He said that he doesn’t have it all together even though he had thought he did.

How refreshing.

Someone willing to admit they can’t do it, or their not good enough.  I feel like too often we convince ourselves of how sinless we are, (which isn’t true) and stop ourselves from our need of relationship with Christ.  Who do you rely on to get better? Yourself? Or God?


One Response to “Your relationship with Jesus is the only thing that’s gonna make you better.”

  1. Patricia Pickard said

    I sure hope you and Jess kissed and made up….That is what we have to do with the Lord….”Kiss the Son lest he be angry.” Love, Grandmother

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