Life Abundant.

July 10, 2010

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

Last Sunday I heard this phrase and I started to think about another idea with this passage.  I was wondering how much validity my idea has.  But since last Sunday I have heard that verse mentioned several more times.  It could be coincidence, and this is just my own thoughts but explore with me.

That verse a lot of times is used as a you will be rich, or you will have a happy life or whatever encouraging kind of verse.  And I do think its somewhat of an encouraging kind of verse. But I think there might be more to it.

If someone has had a full life, they are usually someone that has experienced lots of things. Lots of the world, lots of people, lots of family, and lots of emotions.

I think maybe what Christ is saying is not that we get to have a life with abundance in it.  But a full life (which is was the NIV translation even says).  Maybe it means that now with Christ we get to experience so much more.

We get to experience a deeper love for others than ever before.

We get to experience a deeper sadness for those without Christ than ever before.

We get to experience deeper suffering because we now bear the name of Christ as well.

We get to experience deeper joy, deeper hope, deeper satisfaction, deeper almost everything.

I honestly don’t know if Jesus was just talking about the good stuff when he said that.  Because I don’t think I would live a full life if I just lived with all the good stuff.  There is so much I wouldn’t understand.  So many songs that wouldn’t make sense. So many people that I couldn’t share in their hurt with.  So many emotions that I wouldn’t know.

So I can’t say I know exactly what that verse means.  I think though that an abundant life isn’t just the good stuff.  It’s all of life. It’s having a life.  And in that life we have the shepherd who lays down his life for us.


2 Responses to “Life Abundant.”

  1. Coleymoley-VP-oley!! said

    I remember talking with Taryn about this in East Asia, saying how crazy it is how many different things we get to experience as being a Christian. and not just a “christian” but a true Christ-follower!! My experience through college has shown just that. Its amazing. And I agree with what you said. I think its naive for people to think that verse means to have all the “good stuff.” And its ironic that the real good stuff comes from experiencing the deeper pains, sufferings, hurt, frustrations, temptations, etc. because like you said that’s when we truly get to experience the deeper joys, hopes, fulfillment, etc. God is CRAZY!!! haha It makes me sad how many people, including Christians miss this and miss out on the FULL life they can have. hmph.
    OK, that’s all.

    • anthonygee said

      I know. Not that we like the hurt and pain and all that stuff, but all that stuff makes our lives so much more richer. We can relate to so many more. And I feel like for some reason it helps draw closer to God, and sometimes even understand God better.

      Haha love the name you put for yourself Coley Oley.

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