Life Con mi Familia.

July 29, 2010

So I have been living with my family the last few weeks.

On Saturday I am moving to an apartment with friends.  I am kinda sad about it actually.

It has been a year or since I have lived with my family.  And this time I’ve noticed that when you live with family, you learn a lot about yourself.

One thing about my family is that we are very vocal about what we think about one another.  So living with that and seeing that lets me see how my actions make me look to my family members.

Living with my family I have also learned that Luke has a hard time being woken up by my dad.  Which in turn wakes me up.

This summer I have learned a lot about being in a family.  The first part of the summer I was the co-leader of a team in another country, and that was a family learning experience itself.  And now this part of the summer I am relearning what it means to be in my biological family.

Being in a family is hard. You have to care about each other. You have to be around each other a lot whether you want to or not.  Like I mentioned earlier, one reason it’s really hard because you learn a lot about yourself.  Good and bad stuff.

You learn how you treat people.  You learn how you talk to people.  You learn how you react to situations.  You learn so many relational dynamics.

For example, this summer I realized that something my family does is this;  we will wrong a family member in some way, let’s say by teasing them,  then that person will approach the family member, or members and say “hey I don’t like that you said that to me.”

Now my family and I, will usually react by saying, “geez your sensitive”.

This is not cool.  Because basically we tell the person that we’re hurting that it is their own fault for being hurt.  Which may be true to some degree.  But I think if we were to really ask God what he wanted us to do in that situation, it would be to tell the family member we teased, sorry, instead of telling them too bad that hurts your feelings.

This is just one thing I have learned about being in a family.  Now that I have noticed that, I can take that and realize that I need to not do that to people in my life.

Being part of a family is so hard. But it’s worth it.  The pain, the apologies, are all worth it.

And the beautiful thing about Jesus is he wants us all to be family. Let’s be family.

These are just some things that have been on my mind.


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