The No Cussing or I am in a Church Factor

August 10, 2010

There is this funny phenomena that when you tell some people that aren’t a Christian that you are a Christian, they stop cussing around you.

It makes me laugh.  Because honestly (despite how many sighs this will give my dad) I really don’t care if people cuss around me. In fact sometimes I love it because it shows a person being real with me.  I prefer someone being real with me rather than fake around me.

This non-cussing thing is kind of like something I like to call the “I can’t do that I am in a Church factor.”

This I Can’t do that I am in a Church Factor or ICDTIAIACF as I also like to call it is funny.  It’s when you are at a church and you commit some kind of sin or do something wrong, usually something small, and you say something like I can’t do that in a church. Which is hilarious because that would make it seem like that same sin would be okay outside the church.  Something a little wrong with the theology there, although I can’t quite place my finger on it.

But its funny because these same non-cussers are usually a little perplexed as to why a person would go to church, or do things for free, or wanna help people.

It’s a funny view on the world these groups have.  As if one place is more off limits to sin than others.  Well if you’re reading this and saying “Hey, I view the world of morality that way, you gosh dern punk!”

Well then this blog is for people like you.  Because that’s not how the world works.  If you don’t wanna cuss at a church you should probably not wanna cuss everywhere.  And if you really wonder why there is something in all these Christians that wanna do all these nice things for free, well that something is Christ.

I guess I am just writing this because ICDTIAIACF is a funny phenomena to me.  And I want to promote the idea that God is everywhere. That you can encounter God anywhere, and it doesn’t take some religious act, or place for you to begin to know God.


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