I Love the Way You Lie.

August 25, 2010

God has made me this person that people open up to.  People will tell me things they may not tell anyone else.

A lot times people like to tell me the problems and issues in their lives.

I really enjoy that God has made me a person that gets to hear the vulnerability of people.

One thing that happens almost always during this sharing time, is that people tell me lies that they believe about themselves.  Things that contradict who God thinks they are.

A lot times they are convinced people think a certain way about them when I know that no one thinks that way about them.

Or I hear how they are convinced that they will never get away from a certain sin, or whatever.

When I hear this from a fellow brother or sister, I have to tell them, and help them identify the lie they are believing.

These lies people believe are all apart of an identity crises.

I realized something the last few months.  I think I first began to realize this last March.

It’s that I believe lies about myself all the time too.

For some reason, a major lie I believe sometimes is that I am not good enough.  Or that my actions are what causes all these bad things to happen(which can be true sometimes).  Or that people just don’t like me very much.

These are all lies.

The not being good enough lie affects me in so many ways.  It causes me to want to prove myself to others.  It causes me to do things I wouldn’t do just to try and convince myself and others that I am good enough.

When people tell me the lies that they believe, it doesn’t just help to say hey don’t believe that lie. I have to tell that person the truth that is the opposite of that lie.

For me that truth is that I am good enough.  The fact that there is no good enough.  Their might be in the world’s standards.  But God doesn’t have a good enough or bad enough.  But if He does have one, it’s only that I, and everyone else, is good enough for Him.

That’s the truth. I am good enough.  And no matter what people tell me. Or what I more often tell myself, I am good enough.

A lot of times lately, I go a step further and I ask God to continue to tell me the truth as well.

My friend Ben suggested that when I find myself thinking a lie about myself, that I should say the truth aloud. I have only done it a little.  But when I have it has cleared my head of all those hateful thoughts I have towards me.

Don’t believe lies about your identity. Embrace only what God says about your identity.  Which if you are a follower of Christ is that you are redeemed. And so much more than that even.  Believe it. Speak it. Live it.

What lies do you believe about yourself?

P.S- The title of this post is just because for some reason I really like that song, and the word lie is in the title.


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