Wrath or Grace

August 31, 2010

Sometimes I wonder to myself why people that aren’t Christian think that following Christ is about keeping rules to keep from receiving God’s wrath.

But then

I hear many Christian men around me mention God’s wrath so often.

The only problem I have with this is that it almost seems like these men are aching for God’s wrath to come.  For God’s wrath to destroy the evil of the world.

I understand that feeling and that want, but I don’t think we as children of God should be so familiar with God’s wrath.  I think we should understand and acknowledge it, but I am not sure that we should be familiar with it.

The reason I think this is because we as children of God have pretty much only experienced His grace.  We as followers of Jesus have not experienced God’s wrath.  Yet we have experienced so much of His grace.  So why so often does it seem that we Christians (men in particular) seem almost to be more familiar with God’s wrath?

Some of you might think I want to avoid the topic of God’s wrath, but that’s not really true, all I am saying since Christ’s death, I think not many of us (if any at all) have experienced the wrath of God.

So we as followers of Jesus should be so much more familiar with Grace.

I think it’s good that we know about God’s justness, and eventual wrath towards evil.  But I don’t think we can be familiar with it since we have only experienced His Grace.

I even think God would much rather give his Grace more than His wrath.

Think about in Matthew 9:13 where Jesus says I desire mercy, not sacrifice.

Maybe I am wrong, but I think we as followers of Jesus should be much more familiar with His Grace, rather than His wrath.  It sounds a lot more like what the Cross is about anyways.


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