Love Series Intro.

September 2, 2010

So for some reason I wanted to do a series on Love. Particularly a series on what 1 Corinthians 13 says love is.



But I don’t care. I think it will be a fun blog series for the month of September and maybe some of October.

In this chapter of love, Paul tells us pretty much that if we do all these different kinds of things without Love than we are just noisy, and annoying, and have done pretty much nothing.

Then he goes on to say all the things love is.

This month, I am going take one or two of those descriptions at a time and say my take on them.  Will I try to keep it Biblical? Yes.  But it will probably be very experiential in explanation.  So bear with me all you Piper fans out there.

Tonight I am not going to talk about any of these descriptions.  I am going to talk about love a little bit though.

Love is hard.

Love is something we do.

Love is something God gives us, at least at some point He does.

Here is what I mean by all that.  Say we meet a person, and this person is so easy to love, and we love them a lot.  At some point though, it is going to be difficult to love that person.  That person might do something we don’t like, they might be mean to us, they might be really annoying all of a sudden.

At that point, we have to decide if we are going to continue to love them.

The way humans work though is that they want to convince themselves that some people are very lovable for them, and others are not, and that actually may be true.

But I think this cultivates a whole group of people that feel very lovable, and another group that does not feel very loved.

My idea is that if you are being truly loved, it’s because of the person loving you, not because of anything you are or do.

That if someone is truly loving you, it is not based on how good you are, it’s based on how willing the person loving you, is willing to love you.

That may have been confusing.  But I believe it to be true.

So this month, let’s look at God’s perfect love in loving us no matter how messy, or gross, or sinful we are.

And then let’s take that love and ask God to do the same thing in our hearts with that love.

That our love won’t be works based.  That our love will be a matter of the will and God’s power.

And I don’t think we can truly love someone in spite of all their messy-ness with out asking God for help, along with making that choice to love.

Love you guys. This will be fun.


5 Responses to “Love Series Intro.”

  1. Patricia Pickard said

    Anthony….good blog. I was waiting for you to use that word “choice,” and it showed up! We choose to love. And, I guess that is why God loves us in spite of ourselves–because He has chosen to love us, regardless. Thank God!

  2. Amber said

    Have you seen this? The way he describes how God loves us is so awesome.

  3. Amber said

    🙂 I’m a friend of Joe. I came to the Core once but it was a while ago!

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