Love Endures all things.

September 7, 2010

“endures all things” -1 Cor 13:7

Over the past couple of days I have watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy with various roommates.

This is a great trilogy.

There is one character that always stands out to me.  One character who seems to be the bravest, strongest, and loves without condition.

That character is Samwise Gamgee. I think that he is the best character in the trilogy.  His acts of love and bravery reminded me that love endures all things.

In the movie, if you haven’t seen it Sam is Frodo’s partner. Frodo carries the burden of this evil ring.  And Sam carries Frodo, literally and metaphorically. On their journey they encounter Golem, or Smeagal, who Frodo shows mercy to and feels a connection with.

Well eventually this Golem, becomes an enemy.  He is only about getting the ring back from Frodo.  So he plots.  His biggest obstacle however is our boy Samwise. Sam sees Golem’s evil and does everything to protect Frodo from it.

However Frodo let’s Golem in.  He let’s the enemy get a foot hold in his life.  He believes the lies of Golem.  That belief causes him to send Sam away, and nearly causes his own death.

But Sam, from the start of the journey to the end of it, endures with Frodo.  He stays by Frodo’s side.  He picks Frodo up.  He keeps Frodo going.  And after he was sent away, and finds evidence of Golem’s lies, Sam goes back.  He then fights a giant spider to save Frodo.  Then goes into a fortress of orks and goblins to save Frodo.  And if that is not enough, when they are on the mountain, the place they need to get to, Frodo passes out, and Sam carries Frodo.

In this story, Sam I think, is a great example of Love enduring all things.

Sam only wanted to help Frodo, and never wanted to harm him.  And yet even Frodo wouldn’t believe this, Sam still loved Frodo.  Sam still went forward and fought through a lot of crap to love and help Frodo.

I want a love for people that can endure, all things.

You see Frodo did what we do everyday, we let the enemy come into our life and get a foot hold. And the enemy convinces us that we’re better then someone we have a relationship with.  Or the enemy tells us lies about a friend. And so often we believe those lies.  So often because of how we feel, or what we think we are experiencing, we believe the lies of the enemy.

I don’t want to do that anymore.

I want to be like Samwise the Brave. I want to love people enduringly.  I want to love people even when they turn me away.  I want a love that will fight to save them from that enemy.  I want to love people in spite of how much I am wronged by someone.  And just like Sam, I want to be able to not even see those wrongs.

Only God can give us this enduring love.  Let’s ask for an enduring love for everyone.


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