Love that isn’t a Bro.

September 14, 2010

Have you ever noticed that bros think they are really tight? But deep down there are really insecure and hurting. Hence the four hundred and eighty three curls a day plus creatin shakes.


“it does not boast, it is not proud.” 1 Cor 13:4 (NIV), (note: ESV uses the words boast and arrogant. Just keep that word arrogant in mind for this as well.)

This is another weird one.  What does it even mean for love to boast.  And if you read the NIV what does it mean for love to be proud? Isn’t that a good thing?  That’s why I like that ESV uses arrogant. Because I think that’s what it means by being proud here.

Are we like this in our love though? Do we find ourselves boasting? Or being arrogant? Or was this just a problem in the Corinthian Church?

I know that I constantly do this, in my own head, and aloud to others. And it sucks that I allow myself to take my love and turn into something that is not love by being arrogant and boasting with it.

It looks like this.  I love someone, and I am doing better in a particular area of loving someone then they are of me (or I just think I am doing better).  So I totally mention it to them or to my friends.  It usually shows up in the form of these haughty complaints where I am like “man look at how I am forgiving them so well but they can’t forgive me.”


“dude I am doing such a good job hanging out and loving on that person.”

How arrogant is that? Uh. (that was a disgusted with myself uh.)

I think that it seems like a weird thing to say that love doesn’t boast or isn’t arrogant until you really think about it.  We do this all the time.  We try to prove ourselves to others by how well we are loving someone.  We only tell one side of the story in conflicts.  Or we will completely ignore how well someone is loving us and convince ourselves that we are loving so much better than they are.  There are all sorts of ways that we act arrogant with our love.  Which the second that happens, it’s no longer love, it’s sin.  I do this all the time.  I let the sincere love I have for someone turn into a way to prove myself or build up myself.

There we have it.

Love once again becomes selfish rather than selfless.

And that is not okay.

The biggest overall thing that love is, is being completely selfless.  And when we boast about our love, it becomes a selfish way to get credit, or affirmation, or to feel better about ourselves.

So stupid.

If you really love someone, don’t boast about how good you are at it.  Don’t be arrogant about how you love people.  Love humbly. Love selflessly.  Frick. I need to do this all the time. God help me see my faults, and choose to love selflessly not selfishly.


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