Love is Patient.

September 22, 2010

“Love is Patient.” -1 Cor 13:4

I feel like the idea that love is patient is a pretty easy to accept concept about love.  It’s what Paul starts off his descriptions of love with.

And I think any human that hears it, says yeah love is totally that.  That makes sense.

I think it is because we all want someone to be patient with us in spite of our flaws or things that are weird or different, that could possibly annoy others.

I have a friend who always wants to park in the best spot.  They search and they search and they search for the best spot.  Whereas my deal is I just park in the first spot I see pretty much and go in.  And so as you can imagine this friend having the opposite theory of parking can be pretty annoying.

However.  I wish all those times I didn’t act annoyed by it.

Unfortunately I usually acted annoyed by it.

I wish my love would have been more patient in those moments.

I wish I would have sang a song I just learned on youtube that just repeats “best spot in the lot.”, over and over again.

But I didn’t act that way.

Even though it seems obvious to us that love is patient. I think once we get to know people really well, this is what becomes the most difficult for us.

I want love that is patient in all situations.  That little things wouldn’t annoy me.  And when they do that I would ask God to give me love for the people that do little things that for some reason annoy me and my sinful nature.

Make my love patient God.


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