Love is Kind.

September 26, 2010

“love is kind”-1 Cor 13:4

Love being kind is another obvious one.

Heck, I feel loved by people who are kind to me.  Half my crushes on girls in the past was due to a girl just being nice to me.

But politeness is not what love being kind is.  I think love being kind happens when someone is kind towards another no matter what.

I had a friend who broke up with his girlfriend about a year ago because he felt God leading him out of it.  And after this happened I began to learn how kind his love for her was.

Because this friend didn’t just break up with her because he wanted to, it was because he really felt God leading him to do it.  I know a lot of us think that’s a lame excuse, but I really think it was true at the time.

Now I know a lot of people who get out of relationships, and the first thing they do is think of all the bad things the other person did.  They will think of all of their flaws and convince themselves that those are the reasons why it was okay they broke up with that person.

My friend did that to a degree.  But it was a very small degree. And I only remember him doing it once.  And even so he did it weakly and almost couldn’t bring it up.

I am the type of friend, (sinner in this case) who when my friends break up with a girl, or gets broken up with, likes to make fun of the girlfriend.  I like to point out their flaws, or just say stupid dumb stuff.  I do it out of a heart of wanting to make my friend feel better.  I should really stop that.  Hopefully none of my friends break up or get broken up with every again. Haha.

So I did this girlfriend bashing thing with this friend, and he never liked it.  He always would say the opposite of what I would say.

He had an immense kind love for her.

Nothing I could say or anyone could say would deter him from being that way.

It was because he loved her truly, and something God gave him was kindness in his love for her.  And he couldn’t turn that off.

Now my friend and the girl are back together.  It’s really cool actually.  It really has been a long process of God bringing them back together.  I really think that’s true.  And I am cynic when it comes to that type of stuff.

The cool part is that I know, that my friend was kind to her all year without her knowing it.  He could have bashed on her flaws but he didn’t, he was kind and could only talk about her strengths, and couldn’t see any of her flaws.  I think that is what it means when love is kind.


3 Responses to “Love is Kind.”

  1. Jessica said

    I like this story. Redemptionnnnn.

  2. Patricia Pickard said

    Excellent thought, Anthony. Love, Grandmother.

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