Love that isn’t a Five year old in Toy’s R Us.

September 27, 2010

“It [love] does not insist on its own way.”-1 Cor 13:5

So often in relationships when we are not experiencing something we want, we convince ourselves that it is okay to force that want and desire into the relationship.

This can happen in any relationship really.

We just begin to insist on something going the way that we want it to go.

We want to see a certain movie.  Or sit a certain place in the theater.  Or eat at a certain restaurant.

But when we insist on those things. That’s not love.  Now it’s okay to want those things.  Or even to say you want some things like that.  But when you insist on those things, that is not love. It’s us trying to get our own wants met.

Matt Chandler of the Village church talks about how he always lets his wife pick what movie they go see.  He also says that he lets her choose the radio station in the car.

I want to do that for my wife.

In fact I am going to one up Chandy, and let my wife pick where we eat too.  Now I will still surprise her with new restaurants, or make my wanting of pizza known, but the minute that she says she wants something, I am going to go with it.  I will not insist on my wants more than hers.  Because I want to truly love my wife.  And a lot of times love is just the conscious choice of an action done for the other person.

So often we insist on our own way because we think we are entitled or whatever.  But we really aren’t.  And as followers of Jesus, and as people who are filled with the Spirit of Jesus, we need to set aside what we want, and see those wants satisfied in others, because we gave something up.  That’s love.  Taking joy in that.  Taking joy in the fact that something someone else wanted but you didn’t want, they got to have at the cost of you losing what you wanted.

That was a wordy sentence but I am not changing it.

Where do you insist on your own way?


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