Love shouldn’t do that thing you do when your dumped for someone else.

October 1, 2010

“it [love} does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.” – 1 Cor 13:6

This one makes sense but it also takes some thinking to know what this one means.  Or how we live or don’t live it out.

If we really love someone we won’t rejoice when they are wronged.

I remember times in my life where I had friendships or relationships with people, and I did rejoice in wrong being done to them.  Times where people who I thought needed to know that they weren’t the smartest or the best.  And then something happened to that person to highlight the character flaw I saw in them, and I would initially rejoice in that.

Or times where I wished that someone that dumped me, or didn’t like me would get their heart broken.  So that they could no how it feels to be heart broken, or rejected.  Or even worse times that after I wished that to myself, seeing the bad  thing I wished happen later in life, and rejoicing that the heart break or rejection happened to that person.

I think the first part of this verse makes sense to us.  And we can even find so many areas of life where we don’t love people in this way.  Where when someone we think deserved to be wronged gets wronged, and we become very happy and think all is now right with the world.

That is not love.  That is almost hate or maybe it even is hate.  And I do that too often.

But what about the second part of the verse, rejoicing with the truth.

I think that is a confusing statement.

But maybe it is talking about truths that God has laid out for us.

The truth is we are called to love everyone.

And when we allow ourselves to rejoice in wrongdoing we are not loving everyone.

Also God loves everyone.  And the way he sees people is vastly different then we see people.  God does not rejoice when people are wronged.  At least I don’t think he does.  And if we wanna be like God, if we are becoming like God, we can’t let ourselves fall into the hateful way of rejoicing when people are wronged.

This verse was a little bit harder for me to understand. And I might have it totally off.  But I was trying to think of it in terms of any kind of relationship.  Feel free to enlighten me if you have some better ideas as to what it means.


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