Love that Leans on Me, when I’m not strong.

October 9, 2010

“Love bears all things” 1 Cor 13:7.

The idea of love bearing all things brings a few different ideas to mind.

The first idea I got was the idea of just be able to deal with someone no matter how much hate they showed you.  But I don’t think that this verse is talking about that.

I think this verse makes more sense when we look at something Paul said in Galatians 6:2;

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

I think love causes us to help one another no matter what.

I think right here when it says love bears all things, its not talking about finding a person bearable.

It is talking about loving someone so much that their burdens become your burdens.  So much so that we bear all things with the people we are trying to love.  That there is no problem in any person’s life that we will not bear through with them.

This can be one of the most meaningful places for love.  This is when you know who really loves you.  When the person shows up at a funeral of your family member to make sure you’re alright.

Or when a friend helps you move.

Love bears all things when people are willing to bear all things with one another.  Not just the pleasant things.  Not just some of the hard things.  But all of the hard things.

If we choose to start having a love that bears all things, not just some of the things, or not just some of things until they get us tired out, then our love will start to mean something to people.  People will begin to feel loved, and know what true love really is.



One Response to “Love that Leans on Me, when I’m not strong.”

  1. Patricia Pickard said

    Good word, Anthony. I’m glad you are doing this study. Some people reach the age of 40 before they come to understand some of the things that you are saying. Love, Grandmother

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