Love is not your Sibling after your parents get home.

October 19, 2010

“it [love] keeps no record of wrongs.”- 1 Cor 13:5

Love keeps no record of wrongs.  Love is not resentful is what the ESV Bible says.

How often do you keep track of how many people wrong you?

Think about all the relationships you have and what comes to mind?

Do you often find yourself thinking about all the ways that you have been wronged in your relationships?  Do you remember specific times where someone said something horrible, or did something mean, or forgot about you?

That is resentment.

Love drives that out.

Here is the the dangerous thing about resentment.  It can overtake love.  You might love someone immensely, but the minute you start to let resentment come in, or the minute you start to remember the bad things done to you, thats the minute that battle between resentment and love begins.

So often in relationships resentment ends up winning.  So often we only remember the bad.  We don’t let ourselves remember the good things, and it gets so bad that there is no memory of the good things.

So this issue of resentment is not just a little problem.  I believe it is a problem that could very well destroy a relationship.  Think of the broken relationships you know of.  Ended marriages that ended only after years of built up resentment, where the couple can’t remember why they got married in the first place.

To truly love someone you have to be willing to not keep track of the wrongs.  To forget the wrongs.  For some of us that sounds impossible.  I think there are two reasons for this;

lack of love,

and not asking God for help to truly love.

If one of those things are happening it is likely that you will struggle with loving someone without resentment.

Your love will begin to become this thing where you give out your love along with a bill.

That every time you love any other person in any way, you will begin to keep track of what you do, while thinking they owe you something.

Resentment is one of the most destructive forces in love. Choose to forget.  Or choose to love the person no matter what.  Make those thoughts of resentment submit to Christ when you get them.  Constantly ask God to overcome and take away that resentment for you.  Do whatever it takes to not allow yourself to become a debt collector with your love.



One Response to “Love is not your Sibling after your parents get home.”

  1. Brandi said

    Very nice. Just makes you think of every single type of relationship. Even our own relationship with God. We tend to hold resentment towards God when we don’t get what we want or something goes wrong, so we must reevaluate how we are taking our relationship with Him. Just a thought.

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