Love Believes that You just had a bad day.

November 4, 2010

“[ love ] believes all things” – 1 Cor 13:7

Honestly. I don’t understand this phrasing.

One commentary I read said that it basically means believing the best about someone.

I just don’t get why it’s written like that then.  If I believe all things how does that equate to believing the best about someone?

But I do love the phrase and principle about believing the best. I think it is a very loving thing to believe the best.

Think about it, how often are we driving, and someone cuts us off, or someone does some other traffic maneuver that we don’t like, and we get mad, call them a jerk, or an idiot or a dumb driver or whatever.

but what if

That person just had a really bad day?  What if they are usually a good driver but something that could happen to anyone happened to them?  What if they just found out they had cancer?  What if they’re driving to a funeral?

But we don’t love people in this way.  We don’t try to believe good about someone, that they might be a good driver usually but right now they’re not.

You  might say it’s unrealistic to believe the best in someone.  That people aren’t awesome and don’t deserve good thoughts about them sometimes.  And I would completely agree with you.

Believing the best in someone is not realistic.  But neither is love.

Believing the best is not a works based thing.  But that why it is a loving act to believe the best.

So I don’t know if that verse means to believe the best in someone, but I took the time in this post to talk about it, because believing the best is something I am totally for.


2 Responses to “Love Believes that You just had a bad day.”

  1. Pat Pickard said

    You and Matthew Henry are on the same page….

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