Next up, Gossip.

January 3, 2011

So. A while ago I started a blog series where I wanted to confess some of my more common sins.  Especially ones that hinder my relationships with others, which in turn probably hinder my relationship with God. So here goes more to that series.

I gossip man. (imagine me talking to you and that last sentence makes sense)

I realize that somehow I let this thing that is so intriguing for us all to do into my life.

For some reason when one is in close-knit communities it is very tempting to gossip.  And it’s hard to tell what gossip is.  But my old youth pastor, says its anything said about someone that could even possibly be considered negative behind their back.  It doesn’t matter if you would say it to their face or not.

Of course there are exceptions to this rule, and that might not be a totally accurate definition of gossip. But I think it’s a pretty good one.

I am particularly convicted about this because within the last year I have called out two people about their gossip.  And yet within the last few months I find myself gossiping.

It is a hard sin to drop.  One because honestly it is just fun to talk about other people in a light that makes ourselves feel like we have got it more together or something.

And two, when your friends are gossiping to you, it’s hard to stop them.  Either they blurt something out really fast, or it’s awkward to stop them mid-sentence and say “stop it you gossip.” Or what they’re saying sounds awesome to my ears for some reason.

I am trying however to stop my friends when I find them gossiping to me.  And I am also trying to apologize to people I gossip to when I find my self gossiping.  It might be more powerful if I started apologizing to the person I gossiped about though. That’s a scary idea.

God help me not to be like the chicks in clueless.