When the wife’s asleep God will speak. (but He speaks when she’s awake too)

August 5, 2011

I am on my Honeymoon.

Awesome I know.

And I felt the urge to write a blog.  Weird I know, because I am on my honeymoon.  But I stay up late and she goes to bed earlier than I do so quiet times are had by me.  And I think God is teaching me something in the past twenty four hours that I want to remember, so I am blogging it.

Last night me and my babydoll watched a new Basic Series: Teaching featuring Francis Chan.  Watch that here.

In it Francis talks about how there was this youth pastor that people had been impacted by, and that one thing that stood out to one particular person about this youth pastor, was that when they walked around together it was the closest thing to walking with Jesus that person had ever experienced.

Then tonight I was listening to this message from the Village Church Denton. And the pastor begins to talk about how he wants the elders (or pastors) in his church to be people that when followed around for a day, could show people how the Christian life is truly lived out.

I think God is speaking something to me.

That he wants to change me and mold me into that kind of person.

Jesus was a guy who sinners felt loved by.  Loved enough to eat with Him, in spite of other annoying religious leaders hatin on those sinners at the same time.  He was a guy who kids were drawn to.  He was a man who helped restore people’s lives  at that present.

Jesus was so full of love kids wanted to hang with Him, sinners feasted with Him.  All the while he was doing the work of Heaven on Earth.

I want to walk my daily life, the way Jesus would have walked it.  I want people to feel deeply loved by me (in the appropriate ways of course).

I want my small minute life, and the things I do with it, to be powerful enough to point them to Jesus.  Or to let them get a glimpse of Jesus in me.

When I hear the story of that youth pastor, who walks like Jesus did, something rises in me that knows God has that for me as well as anyone who seeks that.  The only things that will stop that, are my flesh wanting my glory instead of His glory, and my pride thinking I can be like Jesus without knowing or inviting His Spirit into my life.

It could be a powerful thing if walked around like Jesus did, full of the Spirit, knowing God is pleased with us, healing people, loving people, teaching people.


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