Who Owes Me?

September 17, 2011

So I struggle with anger.

I would have to say it’s an emotion that I don’t always do the best with.

Now some may be able to use their anger or frustration and turn it into good things.  Because not all anger is sinful.

I however seem to turn into a crochety old man.  And I think quite often I get angry about stuff that really doesnt matter.  And then sin with that anger in some way.

Recently I was listening to an Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast. It was talking about different enemies of a leaders heart.  And Andy was comparing these different enemies do debt.  And with Anger he says it is like you are saying to those you are angry with “You owe me.” (rather than I owe you)

That really resonated with me for some reason.

I think too often people in my life do something I view as dumb or stupid or whatever that causes me anger.  It’s because I think the world owes me intelligence.  Or really, the world of people I know owes me what I want.  It’s pretty dumb really.  A lot like a little spoiled kid who thinks he deserves everything, and whines and cries about it. 

No one owes me anything.  But for some reason my heart and mind convince me that someone does at times.

I don’t wanna live like that anymore.  Because someone has given me something I haven’t earned and wasn’t owed to me.  Check who and what out here.

Anyways anger is dumb.  God change my heart more please? 


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