Common Grace Ain’t the Best Grace.

October 8, 2011

Common Grace.

From what I understand common grace is another way that God shows his love and a type of grace to everyone. 

Basically common grace is the idea that people can live seemingly decent, and seemingly moral lives, because of the way God has made things.

It allows people to experience good things, like technology, or medicine, or love, or whatever other things we can enjoy, without any level of devotion to God through Jesus.

Of course this is all simply because God loves all and wants humans to experience good things, even though we by ourselves might not be able to have create those good things on our own.  (i.e. the earth, humans, other things you didn’t create.)  So if you don’t think there is a God you probably don’t believe in common grace.  You can either humor me or stop reading.

This idea of common grace is at the core of American culture.  Work hard enough.  Buy yourself enough comfortable things.  Make sure your family has everything they need and most of what they want.  Try and live as comfortably as you can.  Experience as much as you can.

We Americans love us some common grace.  We want as much as we can possibly get.  For a lot of people that’s really the end goal.  Get as many good things (common grace, or things that seem good in our perception) in our lives as possible.

And we as followers of Jesus sometimes settle for common grace.  We are happy having enough money.  We are happy going to a church we like.  We are happy having all the friends we want.  We without saying it or thinking it, make our lives about having as much common grace as we can.  It doesn’t feel like we’re settling though.  It feels like everything is good and that is what life is truly about.

And if anything stops the possibility of our our life with all those good things, well then we need to fight against that, politically, socially, or however else we would.  Quite often the disruption of that common grace, the possibility that some person or instituion could take away things we really care about in this world, makes us deeply angry and frustrated.


I know of a grace that is better than common grace.

It’s not quite as common.

It could be, but it’s not.

This grace when experienced and understood just a little makes us see all of those good things in a new light.  It makes those good things far more beautiful, but not as valuable as they once were.

The grace I am talking about is so valuable that everything in your life can be taken away, and still the most important thing to you is still there.

This grace cannot be earned.

The grace I am talking about is unmerited favor from God.  That’s favor based on nothing we do.  It’s based on who He is.  And the reason we even get to have it, is because Jesus took on a debt we owed to a just God.  Jesus made it possible for us to have a relationship with the one true living God, by His life, death, and resurrection.

Jesus lives and He offers the best grace around.

It’s better than a good earthly thing.

And we need to realize that.  We need God’s grace to us to fuel our lives, rather than the good things on this earth that we get to experience.  Because now by grace, we get to experience the only good thing that doesn’t end.  God Himself.


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