I want to preach better than a song.

October 23, 2011

Well a couple weeks ago I talked about moralistic preaching.

So why not talk about some other aspect of preaching this week?

This blog post is mostly for myself, but it’s open to the public. Haha.

Remember when you first heard the Mumford and Sons album?  I do.  It was at a time in my life where it seemed like every lyric in the song spoke to me in a way that resonated with not only what was going on in my life, but in my soul.

Now maybe you haven’t listened to Mumford and Sons, but I am sure there has been some cd out there or at least a song out there, that every time you hear it, or perhaps for a time in your life, its every lyric just made you say that is what is going on in me.

I want to preach that way.

When I preach I want to be able to bring the reality and truth of God’s word, and who He is to the people I preach to, in a way that stirs their soul.

I want to preach better than a song.

Songs do a great job of connecting to us.  The songs that deeply move us tend to be songs that connect to us deeply. (besides being well played songs)

And I think if I preach well, the same can happen.

I think that’s something that the world could use more of.

I am not talking about preaching sermons that just connect to people and move them so they get good feelings.

I am talking about proclaiming the word of God that has moved me and changed me so that what flows from my lips comes from a heart connection with Him.

I am talking about exalting who God is in a way that speaks to the eternity on our hearts.

I just think we can all preach, or proclaim who God is in a way that people can connect with as they would with a song.

Whether I preach this way in my everyday conversations, or whether I do it from the pulpit, I want to preach better than a song.

This requires truth.

Most of all it requires God.

Holy Spirit, make me a person that can preach better than a song.  But let it not be my skill that is better, but your moving in my life, and who you are.  Draw more people to you. 


3 Responses to “I want to preach better than a song.”

  1. Ben Adam said

    As you preach from the depths of who you are this will happen more and more. Preaching the things that move you, not things that sound good, or what you think people want to hear. I remember our conversation on homosexuality, it changed the way I thought about that whole issue. Preach from that depth my bro.

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