Life Freaks People Out

December 16, 2011

So I am this stage in my life where myself and my peers start making decisions about what they want out of life.  We are graduating college, getting married, choosing career paths, and moving places, to name just some of them.

There is a curious thing that happens though.  We all start freaking out.

Now I can understand why this happens, we are finally out of the institution of school that has controlled our schedule for years, and my guess is that lack of structure frightens us.  Honestly it’s change that freaks us all out.

But I write this post as a Christian Man.  And as a Christian man I don’t know if these things should freak us out as much.

I think what happens is we think we have to grow up and be the hero of our lives.  Or that some person or job or life experience has to be the hero of our life.  And if we don’t have that thing, or if our ideals aren’t lived out then we will be damned, not to hell, but to a life of mistakes and misery.

Friends.  Jesus is our hero.  

I think though that sometimes we think if we aren’t making the right decision in certain instances our life will be ruined.  Sure, there are good and bad decisions, but I sometimes I think we give the choice of life circumstances too much power.

Christian brothers and sisters, I see this quite often in you and I have this to say to you;

Do you know that Jesus is with you to the end of the age and further?

He’s not with you if you only make the right decision.  He’s not with you only if you choose the right job, person, or place to live, he’s with you because He is good, and is with you no matter what.

So perhaps you make a bad decision, perhaps you picked the wrong _____________ (you fill in the blank).  Jesus is still with you.

Jesus is the good life.  Connection to Christ can sustain you more than any career, person, or place can.  Trust me on that.  He is the living water.

Now I know we shouldn’t make sinful choices.  We should make Spirit lead choices, but no matter what choices you make, Christ will be with you, and whether you make a good choice or bad choice, God can redeem your poor decision making to be something good.

Have we forgot God is all powerful?  Have we forgot His Spirit is in us?  Have we forgot the curtain is torn and we now have  access to our King?

So are you afraid of making decisions? Fine, I can track with that.  But seek God.  Seek his council, and know that He will be with you no matter what, and in everything He should be what we look toward to sustain us.  When we do that we become crazy people where all life is good and God is always good.

Don’t fear what this world could do you, or what you could do to yourself, because Jesus is bigger than all that and will always be with you.


2 Responses to “Life Freaks People Out”

  1. rhapsodi said

    Awesome Post! I love it Anthony.

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