He is My Promise.

February 20, 2012


Do you guys ever get frustrated by parts of your life?

Yeah me too.

And a few days ago I was on a particularly long drive alone, and I had just spent a day engrossed in some things that reminded me of stuff in my life that I wish I could change.

But they are things that aren’t so much in my control.

We’ve all been there, wanting to date someone but they’re not Christian, or having a bad job situation, family life, a financial emergency, or a boring academic path.  And we all might be doing our best in this situation, but time and time again we find ourselves very drained our hopeless by whatever it is.

And it might seem stupid, because there are people in the world with so many other problems that are far worse, that they can’t change.

In spite of that, I still found myself a bit drained and frustrated by a particular situation I have while I was driving.  I didn’t have the radio on. And I felt like God was leading me to pray and talk to him about all this stuff.  Now lately I’ve been trying to pray in intentional and somewhat structured ways, so this was leading me to something a bit different and more casual.

I found myself eventually saying to God; I need your help, when are you going to show me which way to go? or what to do? I need you to help me in my frustration.

And then I sat in silence for a bit.  And then I turned some music from my ipod on.

Soon this song I haven’t listened to very  closely before came on, and I felt like God was responding to my prayer with this song.

The song is called “Promises” by Joel Auge.

Joel Auge is singing as if he is God, and so the song is heard by us as if God is talking to us.

The chorus of the song is;

And I am your promise 
I am your strength 
Have no fear 
The King of love is here 
Oh the King of love is here 

And the song goes on and says other roles God has in our lives.

I just felt like God was using this song to tell me that this is what matters.  That in spite of whatever situation I am in, that He is my promise.

That because of what Jesus did with his perfect life, sin absorbing death, and God powered resurrection, I get the promise of God.  I get the promise of relationship with God, and that same God becomes my strength, and that God loves me so greatly, that he is the King of Love in my life.

I felt very quickly God was showing me he cared about my frustrations, but that He was far bigger than they are.  And what I have in Him, is far greater than any problem I have.

I hope and pray that what fuels my thoughts are these things about God and not my frustrations.


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