Does God Change His Mind?

May 22, 2012

So because the great gay debate has recently arisen due to Obama being the first president to approve gay marriage, I have seen a lot of articles, two Facebook statuses, and one crazy YouTube video about bigotry towards people who are gay.

But this post is not going to be about that.  I just want to talk about something else I see people talking about in relation to this issue.

Arizona State University is where I went to college.  It is a great place full of average students, hey-ohh!  One of the awesome things about ASU is the amount of religious or non-religious ideas being shouted in the center of campus.  A bunch of crazy Christians saying masturbators are going to hell, and a bunch of atheists saying all sorts of stuff in response.  I think all this is awesome, because who doesn’t like crowds of yelling people? ( It is sad to see people misrepresent Christ, but that’s an opinion and blog for another time.)

One particular evening I saw a guy holding a sign up that said: “GOD HATES SHRIMP! LEVITICUS 11:9-12” 

Now being a lover of God, the Bible, and shrimp, I had a hard time with this sign.  So I went up and talked to the guy holding it.  He explained to me how this part in the Bible says not to eat certain water animals, and shrimp fit the description.  He said this shows that Christians just pick and choose what they want to believe.

And at the time, I had no good reason why he was wrong.

Later on I found out that in Acts 10, God tells Peter it’s okay to start eating all these things that were once unclean.  Recently I saw someone respond to an article that cited this verse by saying; “so what then, does God change his mind? Perhaps its time he changed his mind about homosexuality.”

I want to answer that one person’s question.  I don’t think God changes his mind.  But God has changed how he has interacted with us throughout history.

So the story goes, God made people, they disobeyed, he cursed, they lived sucky lives, God called out Abram, and made a nation of people through him, they get enslaved by Egypt, God freed the people with Moses as his spokesperson.

So God gave Moses all these laws for the people to follow.  And some of that law is the dietary law we saw.  I don’t know why but He forbid eating certain foods, and if people ate these certain foods, they would be unclean.  Perhaps God did this for their safety, perhaps to show that God’s people were a people set apart, just like God is set apart from all creation.  Whatever the reason was, shrimp wrapped in bacon was a no-no and would make people spiritually unclean.

Eventually Jesus enters the scene.  Now I believe our boy Jesus to be the son of God. And if you don’t, that’s on you, but to understand my worldview, you have to see that I see Jesus as God.

Now Jesus lived a perfect life.  Not just morally perfect.  He lived the law of the Old Testament perfectly.  You wouldn’t catch Jesus eating shrimp wrapped in bacon.  He was clean.  Completely clean.

People talk a lot about Jesus’ death and resurrection and the results of those awesome acts of God.  But the way he lived also has implications for our life.  Jesus lived the perfect life we couldn’t.  He lived the clean life we couldn’t.

And so when we put our faith in Jesus, not only is sin taken care of by his death, but God begins to see us how He sees Jesus.

And part of how He sees Jesus, is that Jesus is clean.  Jesus’ life has made us clean.  Jesus did a new thing for us.  He made it so we are now made perfectly clean in him, and not only that, but I believe his life and death made those animals clean, in God’s eyes.

Jesus did a new thing.  That’s why we can now eat shrimp and bacon.

I don’t think God’s mind changes when he is given new information.  Because you can’t give God new information with him being God and He being all-knowing and such.

But God did a new thing in Jesus.  God does different things throughout time.  And the biggest and best thing that has happened was sending Jesus to earth in the form of a baby.  That baby grew up and did a new thing.  Jesus tore down the old walls of religion, and Jesus made things clean with his life.

That’s my God.

Not some weird being that changes His mind about a bunch of things when given new information.  We can’t always understand Him, which is good because He is an infinite being, so my finite self should never be able to fully understand all that He does.  

There are things that God forbid the people of Israel from doing that we can do  now.  And there are some things He forbid back then and forbids now, that I can’t change.  I have to trust Him in all that, but I can’t change or lie about what He has done or said.

He is a God that has done different things throughout time.  And I think He does things that way to show His greatness.  God is great, and He loves us.  That’s crazy to me.  I am glad he put shrimp back on the menu.  I am more glad at how He did it.


2 Responses to “Does God Change His Mind?”

  1. Ben Adam said

    Well Written man… I think I have a better understanding of God because of reading this.

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