Looking for a King

July 19, 2013

Trayvon Martin. Mansanto. Snowden. 

These are all issues where it seems there is an injustice happening.  Obviously not to everyone, but to a good portion of U.S. citizens, we see these issues and say something has gone wrong.

I watch a lot of documentaries.  I also listen to a lot of This American life.  Very often in these programs I get to hear all about all kinds of American tragedies.  Things I had no idea was happening.  Things that leave me disgusted, and hurting.

A lot of times these documentaries show me an injustice happening due to the law.  Basically because there is so much red tape, or because rich companies get special considerations, something horrible is happening to a people group.

Now I know that some of what I am hearing is bias.  But I also know that a lot of what I am hearing is true.

And so I get to the end of these informational shows, and I feel hopeless.  I feel like there is nothing I could do.  Recently in a program I heard about a man that actually had some clout in the government who could possibly make a difference at changing an American injustice, and yet he’s had little to no impact, after working for years on a particular issue.

What can I do as one man?

I also see business owners and mangers oppressing the people they hire.  Firing people on a whim.  Drinking at work because they can.  Choosing to care about the bottom line more than caring about the fact that they work with free people not slaves or robots. 

Once again it feels like there is nothing I can do.

I feel hopeless and my heart cries out to God, and says we need our perfect King Jesus to rule and reign and issue justice.  That’s very often where I stop.  I just think to myself, one day Jesus will be here. 

Jesus isn’t reigning in a physical way over Earth yet.

In fact he left us here.

So do we just wait?  Do we just say “marana tha” or “Come Lord”?

I don’t think so.  I know that before Jesus left one thing he said was “Seek First the Kingdom“.  The Kingdom that we are seeking should be a place that looks like Jesus is the king there.  This must be what we do in light of all the injustice.

What if we decided to live justly?  What if we decided to start businesses and chose to lead them like our just King would?  What if we chose to fight oppression by showing grace towards the oppressed?  What if we became politicians that were honest and just at whatever cost to our aspirations?  What if we realized that the good King we are waiting for, is moving in us through the Holy Spirit? 

What if our whole generation decided living like our King matters more than the American dream?

I think people would surely see Jesus then.

Perhaps so many would choose to follow him, and then finally our good and just King would return. 


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