Why I Love Phoenix

May 7, 2014


If you haven’t seen it by now, a writer for Vice.com wrote an article citing all the reasons he hates Phoenix.  A lot of people I know are passing said article around like it’s a Buzzfeed article about Jennifer Lawrence.  Which hurts my heart because I grew up in Phoenix and love Phoenix deeply.

A big problem of this article is it only captures some very fringe things about Phoenix.  The author does a terrible job actually commenting on the heart of Phoenix.  He comments on things about Phoenix that basically anyone with google could say.  Because of his off the mark comments about Phoenix, I feel the strong need to write an article about why I love Phoenix (and the greater metro Phoenix area).

First Reason Why I love Phoenix; The Food is Amazing. 

Let me start by saying I’ve been to many cities, states, and other countries, and call me biased, but Phoenix has some of the best restaurants in the world.  Talk to any native, and they will tell many ways you can get fat.  Talk to more natives, and they tell you ways you get eat healthy and love it.

Have you heard of Pizzeria Bianco? Yeah me too because it’s amazing!  Oprah named it her favorite Pizza Place in America.  Oprah, who if you’re not familiar with is basically the most powerful woman in the world, and I also have it on good authority that she has pretty good taste.

That’s just one of several hundred amazing restaurants.  Places like Chicago Hamburger Co. (Bob the owner, learns people’s names), Cibo, Chino Bandido (they combined Chinese and Mexican which fused into amazing somehow), House of Tricks, Four Peaks (I don’t even like beer and I like the Beers they Brew, oh and then their food is good too), Liberty Market, Postino’s Cornish Pasty, La Grande Orange, Pete’s Fish and Chips (I think there is crack in that sauce), Green, Haji-Baba, Filiberto’s, Basically any Mexican restaurant, Bobby-Q’s, and I could go on, but that is just some of the restaurants all over the metro area that are amazing.

I dare you to not have at least 29% body fat while living in Phoenix.


Secondly, there is so much to do. 

Sure there’s a lot of malls in the Valley, but that’s not all there is to do.  There’s theaters like the Herberger, concert venues, paintball arenas, water parks, Mill Avenue, Old Town Scottsdale, a miniature six flags we call Castles and Coasters, catch a basketball/baseball/football/hockey games (even watch WNBA if you want, Go Mercury! Or even Spring training), arcades, parks, hiking, swimming basically throughout the year, sneak into five star hotel hot tubs easily, roam around Downtown Phoenix and open random doors and see what happens, First Fridays, biking, dine in Movies, see Alice Cooper and John McCain around the Biltmore sometimes, and basically have fun all the time.  Sorry for the run on sentence, but there is just so much to do in Phoenix.

The Weather is Usually Amazing. 

I know Phoenix is somewhat like living in an oven, during probably a solid 5 months, however the longer you live there, the more you get used to it.  Also it’s a great excuse to wear flip flops (of which you’ll become a connoisseur) t-shirts and tanks tops.  The rest of the year is usually amazing.  If you’re from a cold place, our winters feel like your spring.  If you’re from Phoenix all you need is hoodie for those 50-60 degree winters.  In the Spring, you get to smell the Orange Blossoms all over the city which causes even Sith Lords to leave the Dark Side.  If you live in Phoenix long enough, you regain that childhood feeling of loving when it rains. What’s more you gain that child hood feeling of wanting to play in the rain, and guess what? You end playing in the rain because you won’t get too cold.


Fourth, The Phoenix Suns 

No explanation needed I hope.  Just look into Goran Dragic’s beautiful eyes.


Fifth, The Phoenix Suns Gorilla. 


Sixth the Cast of Characters you see in Phoenix. 

Just drive down Indian School Road, and look at who is walking around town.  There’s a guy that walks around in a Superman suit.  There used to be an adult man that walked around in full size baby clothes.  Guys that stand on corners dancing.  A guy that walks around Phoenix in what can only be described as a strut, and is always sunburned.  All kinds of other amazing people, that it wouldn’t do justice to if I tried to explain here, rather than just letting you see for yourself.

Finally, I love Phoenix for the People of Phoenix. 

The people of Phoenix are a diverse group.  You get all kinds of view points, religious backgrounds, ethnicities, stories, tastes, and differences.  And yet, all these people come together to make a desert town flourish. There are many innovators seeking to do business differently.  There are many truly starving artists honing their craft.  There are true lovers of Jesus trying to live like He did.  Refugees who live with new hopes, and seeking new opportunities.  Hard working immigrants that are loving and sacrificing for their families. Mormons who are possibly the nicest and kindest people group in the city. Freak show enthusiasts.  Underground hip hop artists, and students from all over the country.  To top it all off, there is a general “laid backness” to the people of Phoenix, which is always a great thing to have in a community of four million people.  We’re also a people loving people.  Politics aside, the average Phoenician I know truly cares about the people around him or her.

It’s true that Phoenix has people from all over the country, but why would they be there unless Phoenix had something to offer them?

You can tell me you hate Phoenix, but don’t just look at the fringe and external characteristics of Phoenix.  Spend some time getting to know and love a city where so much good happens.

There are so many more things I could say, but I’ll just leave you with this great picture.



One Response to “Why I Love Phoenix”

  1. mnoyb said

    Didn’t catch the Vice.com article but plenty of crap potshots are taken at AZ/Phx regarding racism, low class, lack of sophistication, sexism, etc…by ignorant fools. Phx officials are not elected on a party ballot. Everyone’s eligible. From the early days up through the ’70’s, a benevolent group known as charter, designed a city with parks, good streets, a limited high rise area, low water use, public canals, a user owned water system, planted olive and orange trees on the streets for everyone to eat, use etc. They kept taxes low, provided good services, and balanced the budget. Yes, these folks were elitist and snobs. They created schools for native Americans (with the best of intentions). They protected as many native sites and treasures as was possible and preserved them in a wonderful museum, the world’s best, and planted an arboretum, built a fine zoo, brought in fine masters for the Art Museum, preserved huge tracts for natural community parks, set up a clean, wide traffic grid, encouraged industry, grew food (especially orchards), allowed drag racing and horse racing tracks, kept the peace without over-regulating vice, and welcomed newcomers. There’s a great symphony and convention center. Now, there’s even major league sports, casinos, and theme parks. Yeh, there is some division along racial and cultural lines but nothing as severe as LA or Chicago, Dallas or Atlanta. All live in all neighborhoods today, and more than in other places in the past. Neighbors, co-workers, public places, all commonly blended, living together, intermarrying, . Little crap like I see elsewhere. Doesn’t matter in Phx. Too hot or too nice to hassle. About everybody works.. AZ had the first hispanic Governor, decades ago, and lots of women Governors and chief exec’s. OH yeh. The food. anything you want. City get to you? A couple hours in any direction is wilderness and beauty. Perfect? hell no. Flag waving rednecks, beer drinking nimby’s, gay parades and communities, musicians and underground films (OMG), lots of bars, even topless ones, screaming militant Latinos, hippy haters and hippies, religious cults, poverty and luxury, ..stop me if this is too diverse for you. OH it’s really independent and outspoken. and hot as hell June through September. Most of the folks in Phx really don’t give a rat’s ass what some pencil-necked muckspreader says about them. I’m an Arizonan, 13 yrs of it in the Phx valley. Wish those guys would go write about something else they know nothing about.

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