Looking for a King

July 19, 2013

Trayvon Martin. Mansanto. Snowden. 

These are all issues where it seems there is an injustice happening.  Obviously not to everyone, but to a good portion of U.S. citizens, we see these issues and say something has gone wrong.

I watch a lot of documentaries.  I also listen to a lot of This American life.  Very often in these programs I get to hear all about all kinds of American tragedies.  Things I had no idea was happening.  Things that leave me disgusted, and hurting.

A lot of times these documentaries show me an injustice happening due to the law.  Basically because there is so much red tape, or because rich companies get special considerations, something horrible is happening to a people group.

Now I know that some of what I am hearing is bias.  But I also know that a lot of what I am hearing is true.

And so I get to the end of these informational shows, and I feel hopeless.  I feel like there is nothing I could do.  Recently in a program I heard about a man that actually had some clout in the government who could possibly make a difference at changing an American injustice, and yet he’s had little to no impact, after working for years on a particular issue.

What can I do as one man?

I also see business owners and mangers oppressing the people they hire.  Firing people on a whim.  Drinking at work because they can.  Choosing to care about the bottom line more than caring about the fact that they work with free people not slaves or robots. 

Once again it feels like there is nothing I can do.

I feel hopeless and my heart cries out to God, and says we need our perfect King Jesus to rule and reign and issue justice.  That’s very often where I stop.  I just think to myself, one day Jesus will be here. 

Jesus isn’t reigning in a physical way over Earth yet.

In fact he left us here.

So do we just wait?  Do we just say “marana tha” or “Come Lord”?

I don’t think so.  I know that before Jesus left one thing he said was “Seek First the Kingdom“.  The Kingdom that we are seeking should be a place that looks like Jesus is the king there.  This must be what we do in light of all the injustice.

What if we decided to live justly?  What if we decided to start businesses and chose to lead them like our just King would?  What if we chose to fight oppression by showing grace towards the oppressed?  What if we became politicians that were honest and just at whatever cost to our aspirations?  What if we realized that the good King we are waiting for, is moving in us through the Holy Spirit? 

What if our whole generation decided living like our King matters more than the American dream?

I think people would surely see Jesus then.

Perhaps so many would choose to follow him, and then finally our good and just King would return. 


Wrath or Grace

August 31, 2010

Sometimes I wonder to myself why people that aren’t Christian think that following Christ is about keeping rules to keep from receiving God’s wrath.

But then

I hear many Christian men around me mention God’s wrath so often.

The only problem I have with this is that it almost seems like these men are aching for God’s wrath to come.  For God’s wrath to destroy the evil of the world.

I understand that feeling and that want, but I don’t think we as children of God should be so familiar with God’s wrath.  I think we should understand and acknowledge it, but I am not sure that we should be familiar with it.

The reason I think this is because we as children of God have pretty much only experienced His grace.  We as followers of Jesus have not experienced God’s wrath.  Yet we have experienced so much of His grace.  So why so often does it seem that we Christians (men in particular) seem almost to be more familiar with God’s wrath?

Some of you might think I want to avoid the topic of God’s wrath, but that’s not really true, all I am saying since Christ’s death, I think not many of us (if any at all) have experienced the wrath of God.

So we as followers of Jesus should be so much more familiar with Grace.

I think it’s good that we know about God’s justness, and eventual wrath towards evil.  But I don’t think we can be familiar with it since we have only experienced His Grace.

I even think God would much rather give his Grace more than His wrath.

Think about in Matthew 9:13 where Jesus says I desire mercy, not sacrifice.

Maybe I am wrong, but I think we as followers of Jesus should be much more familiar with His Grace, rather than His wrath.  It sounds a lot more like what the Cross is about anyways.

Life Lost

July 22, 2010

Something that has been coming up in my thoughts and conversations a lot lately is the idea that God wants our heart.  Not just a little bit of it. But the whole thing.

Not only that idea but that God wants us to surrender our entire life to him.

This is where the Gospel stops being attractive I think.  If you go to people saying “well, yeah, God wants your whole life, he wants you to give up your life for him, I mean don’t kill yourself or anything for Him, but he wants you to do with your life what he wants to do with it.”

That may have sounded jumbled, and that’s because it was.  I feel like that’s how it always comes out in conversations though anyways.

But when we start to talk about this idea of giving up our whole life to God, that’s when I personally think the Good news about Jesus becomes quite unattractive.

I mean who really wants to say here, you can have my life. I know you could use it better than me.

However. That’s what Jesus wants us to say.  This idea of losing our life is part of the Gospel.

Personally I like it.

But sometimes I don’t like it.

I know, I know,  I need to make up my mind.

The reason I like it is that in the moments when I surrender my life completely to Christ, those are the best times for me as a person, I am the most emotionally stable, I hear from God the best, and I grow closer to God among many other things.

Now there are some problems once I surrender my life to Christ.  One problem is that I have to be constantly surrendering it. Not just once. But all the time.

I feel like every day, every hour, every few minutes even, I am faced with whether I am going to give God my life.

Because every day I am faced with options.  And a lot of those options are awesome things.  But a lot of those awesome things aren’t what God has for me.

A lot more often than not, those options are sinful things, things I want to turn to instead of God.  Things I think will fill or satisfy me more than God.

In each of those moments I have the opportunity to lose my life to God. Too often I choose to lose my life to myself, or to sin.

Another problem once we fully surrender is the enemy will blitz us with temptations, and all sorts of other bad stuff that just make life sucky.  And in those times it is even more difficult to tell God that he can have all of my life.  Because for me, it gets hard to surrender when I am being attacked.

Everyday I have to surrender my life to Jesus.  When I do that it’s the best life for me.  It is amazing how much different the state of my heart is when I am letting God do what he wants with my life rather than what I want.

That’s the main struggle, lose my life to God, who does with it amazingly brilliant things that I love with it.


Live my life on my own, and I do stupid things that I hate and don’t really want.

Everyday I want to give God all of my heart. Even with the little things.  The things that we know matter, but treat like they don’t matter that much.

God, help me always surrender to you.

Goals are dumb.

November 30, 2009

Yeah. I said it.

Goals are dumb.

When I look at people in the Bible, I don’t know if they had goals.  I don’t even know if Jesus had “goals” while on earth.

The people I love and respect most are the ones that don’t have goals.  But I don’t even think they know that they don’t have goals.

The crazy thing is those people are very accomplished people.  Yet they have no goals.

They are people that just want to be changed and used by God.

I know goals help people and are probably not at all bad.  In fact they might be necessary in some situations.

I just don’t think Jesus really had goals in the sense of accomplishment.  That’s what I mean when I say goals here.  I feel like usually when we talk about goals  its some new accomplishment to strive for.

Now there’s nothing wrong with living like that.  I mean I do every day probably.

I just think that Jesus lived differently.

Not that surprising to think that he lived differently.  But even now I know some of you are totally disagreeing with a lot of what I’m saying.

Before you do that though, take a second and just think are you making Jesus out to be who you want him to be, or who He was and is.

Jesus lived a life completely led by the spirit, at least thats what it seems like to me.  I hear pastors and speakers say this some times too.

Jesus didn’t come and say by the time I die I want to feed five thousand people.  Maybe he did. But I think

He just listened to what God was telling him to do.

I want a life like that.

Contradictory huh? My goal is be completely led by the Spirit and thus having no goals because I am too busy doing what God is asking me to do.

The great thing about this is I know that when I let this happen, that a lot of the goals I have now will probably just come to pass.

God wants to do in our lives, what we want to do for ourselves.

Let’s just let Him.