Looking for a King

July 19, 2013

Trayvon Martin. Mansanto. Snowden. 

These are all issues where it seems there is an injustice happening.  Obviously not to everyone, but to a good portion of U.S. citizens, we see these issues and say something has gone wrong.

I watch a lot of documentaries.  I also listen to a lot of This American life.  Very often in these programs I get to hear all about all kinds of American tragedies.  Things I had no idea was happening.  Things that leave me disgusted, and hurting.

A lot of times these documentaries show me an injustice happening due to the law.  Basically because there is so much red tape, or because rich companies get special considerations, something horrible is happening to a people group.

Now I know that some of what I am hearing is bias.  But I also know that a lot of what I am hearing is true.

And so I get to the end of these informational shows, and I feel hopeless.  I feel like there is nothing I could do.  Recently in a program I heard about a man that actually had some clout in the government who could possibly make a difference at changing an American injustice, and yet he’s had little to no impact, after working for years on a particular issue.

What can I do as one man?

I also see business owners and mangers oppressing the people they hire.  Firing people on a whim.  Drinking at work because they can.  Choosing to care about the bottom line more than caring about the fact that they work with free people not slaves or robots. 

Once again it feels like there is nothing I can do.

I feel hopeless and my heart cries out to God, and says we need our perfect King Jesus to rule and reign and issue justice.  That’s very often where I stop.  I just think to myself, one day Jesus will be here. 

Jesus isn’t reigning in a physical way over Earth yet.

In fact he left us here.

So do we just wait?  Do we just say “marana tha” or “Come Lord”?

I don’t think so.  I know that before Jesus left one thing he said was “Seek First the Kingdom“.  The Kingdom that we are seeking should be a place that looks like Jesus is the king there.  This must be what we do in light of all the injustice.

What if we decided to live justly?  What if we decided to start businesses and chose to lead them like our just King would?  What if we chose to fight oppression by showing grace towards the oppressed?  What if we became politicians that were honest and just at whatever cost to our aspirations?  What if we realized that the good King we are waiting for, is moving in us through the Holy Spirit? 

What if our whole generation decided living like our King matters more than the American dream?

I think people would surely see Jesus then.

Perhaps so many would choose to follow him, and then finally our good and just King would return. 


There is another sin I wanna confess.

Before I confess, I have to tell you some background information about me.

Ever since I can remember I have had this deep sense of justice.

God has wired me in this way where I can see the right and wrong in a situation very easily at times.  I think we all have that to varying degrees.

However for me there is this need for justice when I see it lacking.  This would cause me as a child to argue in defense of my siblings to my parents at times.  (hopefully I ususally did it in a honoring way, but probably didn’t always do it that way).

Or to tell random people I don’t know not to mock some poor kid.

So I have this deep sense of justice. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Except when I use it to fight for myself.

That is my confession.  Too often I want to use this sense of justice to make me look better, to make me look right.

Or when I am told about how I am wronging someone, I try and convince that person they have wronged me worse.

And that is not okay.

I realized a few months back, that God has given me a deep sense of justice.  But that he has given me that to benefit others. Not myself.

God, thank you for this sense of justice. Help me to use it for others benefit and not my own, so that I can be a living sacrifice.  Forgive me for using it wrongly and selfishly at times to benefit myself, or make me look better when I am told about how I have sinned against someone.

I wish I had super speed.

September 10, 2009

Last thursday I had one of those moments that I wish I could relive.  Yeah I’ll admit I did.  As much as I hear people say “live with out regrets” and all that other stuff, I still had one of those moments in time where I wished I could have turned back time and done something differently.

I was on campus walking to class.  All of a sudden I hear the loudest, cackling, laugh I have ever heard on campus out in public.  Before I go on, you most realize this was the most gratuitous, mocking laugh I have heard, maybe ever.

So I turn around to see one big guy haunched over on a skateboard that’s moving slowly.  He was the Cackler.  Now behind in the grass near the sidewalk was a stranded razor (type) scooter.  Also in the grass, on his back was a guy in all black with long curly black hair.  The large Cackler was laughing at this guy laying in the grass.  Meanwhile many others were looking at the fallen scooterist and not doing a thing about it.

Now I don’t know what happened.  What I do know is that it seemed like the big Cackler had run him over, kept going, and laughing like a hyena while not stopping to help this guy.  I will admit sometimes on campus there are some funny accidents, but it always seems someone is apologizing or laughing in those situations.  But in this accident, someone somehow fell and was being mocked worse then any other.  The mocking laughter to me almost felt evil.

So as I see this situation I start getting angry, and a couple of young freshman nearby me start laughing too.  So I chew them out saying something like “really? this is what our society has come to? Laughing and mockery at someone like this?”.  Which got an apology out of one and a “people have laughed at me when I’ve fallen.” from the other.  I was to angry to tell that guy how flawed his logic was on that.

So I turn back around after kinda yelling at those freshman and see the scooter rider getting up slowly and taking off.  And that was when I went after him.  It was also when I wished I could have turn back time.  I was too far away to catch up.  Even if I ran.  Unless I had super speed.  Which is another reason why I wish I had super speed.  I never caught up to the scooter rider, and I was late to class.

Let me explain why I wish I could relive that series of moments.  So first I hear the cackler, then I see the fallen scooterist, then I yell at the freshman, then I turn around and the scooterist is pretty much gone.  I wish that instead of taking the time to yell at those freshman, I could have ran over to the fallen scooterist.  I could have helped him up.  I could of apologized for the cackler.  And I could have satisfied a deep feeling of needed Justice inside me.

But thats not what happened.  What happened was I yelled at some freshman, instead of potentially sharing the love of Christ with someone who in my mind needed it.

I didn’t even get the opportunity to go yell at the Mad Cackler.  Nope just some freshman, who probably just thought I was annoying.

I guess that’s the thing about Justice, it can’t be misplaced and if it is it’s not very effective. I don’t even think it would have been Justice to push the Cackler down and then have everyone laugh at him.  Justice would have been to love on the fallen scooterist when he felt mocked by the world.

But next time, I’ll be ready to run to the fallen.  I’ll be ready to get over my own pride and lack of boldness and run to those who need to be validated. At least I hope I will, because I don’t want to have another moment that I wish I could relive.

What stories do you guys have of Justice? Good ones? Bad ones? Funny? Sad? Biblical accounts of some awesome Justice? I wanna know.