Basically, I love Jesus.  He’s moved in my life in a real way.  I have a relationship with him. This blog is just things I want to blog about.  Mostly Jesus related, but who knows what kind of topics I’ll write about.  Below in italics is why I originally started this blog five or so years ago. It’s not really how this blog functions anymore, but I’m gonna leave it for my own memory.











A while back I got the idea to write a book.  It would be a book about how growing up Christian is a lot different then growing up, living whatever life of squalor one wants and then having a radical conversion to Christianity.

It was going to talk about sex, pride, love, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and all sorts of other things.  One of the main premises of the book would have been that I find that quite often in the Bible, I relate more to the characters of the old testament rather then the new, because the in the Old T, they grew up believing and yet still had dynamic (or not) relationships with God.  As you can see this would help someone who grew up a believer, which was the mission of my book which would have been called Christian Man.

Well I only got around to writing about half a chapter and I think it was the sex chapter.  And for some reason I only felt inspired when I was angry about my life.  So I kinda just stopped writing it.  Recently my girlfriend told me that I should write a blog.  I decided to do it.  And so I am going to attempt to turn that book into a blog.  It’s much easier.  Mostly this blog might just be about things in my life that inspire me, Mostly.  I wanna share what it’s like to be a Christian Man.


9 Responses to “Why Christian Man?”

  1. Your girlfriend had a very good idea. It’s hard to stay focused on writing a book. Maybe it’s our age. I look forward to exploring your insight.

  2. Brian said

    You don’t know me, but I feel I can sympathize with you.

    Like you, I have wanted to put down into words what Christianity is about; I’ve wanted to write, too, about my life – like you. I love to write, and have had ideas and thoughts about books as well. But I’ve never gotten around to writing them.

    Like you, I’ve started writing in blogs; I recently started two.

    I bookmarked your blog because I am interested in it. And thank you for writing about your life, your ideas and your thoughts; thank you, most of all, for writing about these things as they relate to your Christian life, as a Christian Man.


    • anthonygee said

      Sweet man, how did u find out about my blog?

      • Brian said

        I found about your blog in this way:

        I noticed our mutual friend, Jakob, tagged us in a recent facebook note of his;

        I followed a link this his profile page;

        I noticed you commented somewhere on his page;

        You mentioned you had a recent blog entry;

        I clicked on it.


  3. anthonygee said

    Nice man. Well thanks for the encouraging words. And I have and will check out ur blog more.

  4. Don’t be amazed if after a while it all just comes together in your heart and mind to write that book…this is good practice ground for putting your thoughts …and more importanitly, your heart in print.

    All the best!

  5. By the way, good on you for wanting to be a Man of God firstly, and secondly for wanting to be a MAN who puts his heart matters on ‘paper’…whooeee! I’m proud of you, bro!

  6. ordinarygurl said

    Hey. You don’t know me…and I don’t know you. But like you, I’ve always wanted to share my Christianity story with people. I just started a blog today and I want to get my story out there, too. Your blog is just amazing and inspiring.

    That’s my’s not much now because I just made it today..haha but keep checking because I plan on writing a lot more 🙂

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